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Barotrauma is a 2D co-op submarine simulator – in space, with survival horror elements. Steer your submarine, give orders, fight monsters, fix leaks, operate machinery, man the guns and craft items, and stay alert: danger in Barotrauma doesn’t announce itself!

Barotrauma. - 749 MB

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Game: Barotrauma v0.18.12.0 x64
crack: Kortal
files: Kortal

You need to have steam running and connected. Use a fake/blank steam account.

Run Barotrauma.exe

Click "Server Browser". The server should be listed.

You can also direct join: click "Direct Join", enter ip "", click "Join"

Have fun !


- game topic
- : Discord
- : Servers status.
- : Website.
- : Forum.
- : Steam group.
- : Banlist.

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game wiki:

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added v0.9.0.6

Changelog: ShowHide

- Fixed clients failing to connect to servers that have banned clients based on their Steam ID.
- Removed Berilia (vanilla sub that's not ready for release).


Additions and changes:
- Automatically fill the client name textbox with the player's Steam username.
- Allow clients (including the host) to change their name in the server lobby.
- Censor password boxes to make joining servers a little more streamer-friendly.
- Show the name of the server in the "connecting to..." popup instead of the IP address.
- Added a close button to the debug console and a text that explains it can be opened/closed by pressing F3.
- Electrical components are attached to walls with the left mouse button instead of E.
- Flares are activated with the left mouse button instead of E.
- Nerfed plasma cutters.
- Made coilgun ammunition boxes deconstructable.
- Allow to edit the door opening/closing speeds and increase the defaults.
- Reduce the follow-up distance and require the bot to be in the same room than the player before stopping,
so that bots with a follow order don't stay on the doorways when the player is trying to enter the airlocks.
- Stop "breathing" deformations when the character is dead.
- Disable obstructed paths when the submarine docks to another submarine/outpost.

- Fixed crashing during startup due to faulty OpenAL installations.
- Fixed inability to select the voice capture device if the name of the device contains non-latin symbols
(Cyrillic or Chinese characters for example).
- Fixed a networking issue that occasionally caused clients to get kicked with a "disconnected due to
excessive desync" error message.
- Fixed fires being very hard to put out completely in multiplayer.
- Fixed items not being repaired after purchasing repairs in the campaign.
- Removed outdated Launch_BarotraumaServer script from the Linux version (does not work anymore, the
dedicated server should be launched by running the file called "DedicatedServer").
- Fixed server ignoring the max players value set in the "host server" menu and using the setting
configured in "serversettings.xml" instead.
- VOIP improvements (less crackling and pops).
- Increased oxygen output in vanilla submarines to prevent characters from suffocating when playing with
an oversized crew.
- Fixed occasional console errors when ending a round (causing the round end summary not to appear).
- Waypoint fixes in vanilla subs.
- Disallow shooting and attacking when the cursor is over a UI element (to prevent, for example,
accidentally firing a gun when dismissing a message box).
- Fixed monsters ignoring decoys.
- Fixed store menu switching back to the equipment category every time something is bought/sold in
the multiplayer campaign.
- Fixed "push to talk" field going outside the audio settings menu on some aspect ratios.
- Fixed long server names overflowing in the server list menu.
- Fixed the character saying "OrderDialogSelf.dismissed" when a player removes an order from themselves.
- Fixed subinventory slots going outside the screen when for example grabbing someone with a toolbox
in the leftmost inventory slot.
- Fixed monsters sometimes spawning inside the floating ice chunks within the levels.
- Fixed physicorium shells not being containable in railgun shell racks.
- Fixed physicorium ammo box not being containable in coilgun ammunition shelves.
- Fixed inability to spawn items in characters' inventories with the "spawnitem" console command.
- Fixed health interface not focusing to the most damaged limb when closing and reopening the interface.
- Prevent welding doors shut during the tutorials (as the player doesn't have access to any tools to
reopen the door).
- Fixed AI pathfinding when the path is from a submarine to another submarine.
- Fixed Watchmen looking at the wrong direction.
- Fixed crashing due to an invalid display resolution.

Be sure to know the RULES before posting or playing on any of our servers. We have no tolerance for toxic/disrespectful people. You have been warned.

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server is back online !

Be sure to know the RULES before posting or playing on any of our servers. We have no tolerance for toxic/disrespectful people. You have been warned.

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game and server updated to


- Added some tutorial information to the data sent to GameAnalytics.

- Fixed an exploit that allowed modified clients to execute console commands server-side without the appropriate permissions.
- Fixed NPCs spawning without any items when the system language is set to Turkish.


- Fixed crashing if a custom language doesn't configure NPC personality traits or conversations.
- Fixed crashing when you try to disguise as someone else when using a mod that overrides the vanilla human config.
- Fixed characters getting instakilled if you dive too deep in the sub editor test mode.


- Display both wallet and bank balance on campaign interfaces when the player has access to the bank funds.

- Hopefully fixed the frequent "SteamP2P connection timed out" errors during loading screens.
- Fixed "missing entity" error when a character who's stats have been modified by a talent gets removed (e.g. eaten by a monster, despawning).
- If starting a multiplayer round takes a long time, instead of throwing the "did not receive STARTGAMEFINALIZE message" error, you're asked whether you want to keep waiting or return to the lobby.
- Fixed "failed to parse the string 'COLOR.GUI.GREEN' to Color" errors when using the submarine upgrade interface in Spanish.
- Fixed junction boxes not deteriorating over time.
- Fixed turrets being able to fire without consuming power when the power is wired to some other connection than power_in.
- Fixed broken supercapacitors providing unlimited power to turrets.
- Fixed IsMale/IsFemale properties resetting when saving and reloading (not used by the vanilla game).
- Fixed haloperidol not healing psychosis.
- Fixed ballast flora sometimes becoming unkillable client-side when entering a new level.
- Fixed the Server Log button overlapping campaign interfaces by hiding it whenever a campaign interface is open.
- Fixed an inconsistency in the assault rifle mag recipe.
- Fixed job not showing up in ID card description.
- Fixed store interface not being updated when the player balance changes.


- Players who are allowed to manage money in the multiplayer campaign can use money directly from the bank without having to transfer it to their wallet first.
- Managing money always requires permissions: unlike other campaign-related permissions, not having anyone with permissions on the server doesn't give everyone permissions.

- Fixed deconstructors, fabricators and research stations not being powered in some colony modules.
- Fixed power connections not getting recalculated server-side when disconnecting and reconnecting a wire.
- Fixed client context menu not working in the tab menu if the client's not controlling a character.
- Fixed preview image disappearing when saving a sub.
- Fixed custom jobid tags not working on ID cards.
- Fixed crashing with the error "Coroutine Barotrauma.SinglePlayerCampaign+<DoLoadInitialLevel>d__16 threw an exception" when trying to give items to a human prefab instance that has no item sets configured.
- Fixed installed mods list not refreshing when uninstalling an unsubscribed mod.
- Fixed outpost reactors using mechanical skill for repairs instead of electrical.
- Fixed outdated Dugong preview image.
- Fixed Deadeye Carbine firing an inconsistent number of rounds per burst in multiplayer.
- Fixed crashing when launching the server with a fresh config file due to the language being set to None.
- Fixed crashing on startup if the workshop mod directory doesn't exist.
- Fixed "Canned Heat" not having an effect on oxygenite tanks.
- Fixed entity list's search results being in a random order in the sub editor.
- Fixed crashing when trying to view an item assembly that contains entities that can't be found in the sub editor.
- Fixed bots not taking medical items' negative effects into account when determining which meds to use, often leading to overdoses/suffocation when using opiates.
- Fixed bots trying to clean up items into deconstructors.
- Fixed clients failing to spawn items with console commands when there's a structure prefab with the same identifier (e.g. ladders).
- Fixed characters being unable to gain skills added by a mod if the job doesn't initially have those skills defined.
- Automatically correct linked submarine paths in the submarine editor.
- Fixed electrical discharge coils sometimes working with insufficient power.
- Fixed crashing when creating a humanoid character in character editor.
- Fixed cargo missions putting cargo in non-interactable and hidden-in-game containers.
- Fixed only the first Powered component being considered when determining how much power an item is supplying to the grid. Prevented alien generators from working.
- Fixed textbox's text position breaking when there's overflow and you're editing in the middle of the string.


- Updated translations.


- Fixed occasional crash when talking to an outpost merchant.
- Fixed cargo missions putting cargo in non-interactable and hidden-in-game containers.
- Don't show wallet info on character portrait in other multiplayer game modes than the campaign.
- Fixed certainstructure names not showing up properly in the submarine editor in languages other than English.
- Fixed relays that have "can be overloaded" set to true breaking when overloaded (should never happen because relays can't be repaired).
- Fixed occasional mission mismatch errors in multiplayer when there's a hunting grounds or beacon mission in the level.


Changes and additions:
- Overhauled colonies: completely new modules, improved layouts, new structures and items, new events.
- Split outposts stores into several different vendors who sell different types of items.
- New store (and sub editor) categories: weapon, medical, diving, and fuel. Reorganized the items into categories.
- Adjusted the amount of colonies in Cold Caverns.
- Added personal wallets. Everyone in the crew now has their personal wallet that they can use to purchase whatever they wish in outposts. The host (or people with campaign management permissions) can distribute a portion of the mission rewards to the crew or transfer money from the shared funds to the players.
- Reworked campaign permissions: removed BuyItems and CampaignStore permissions (no longer needed, since everyone can buy), added ManageMap and ManageHires permissions, ManageCampaign allows gives you all the other campaign-related permissions.
- Items can be purchased from outpost vending machines using the personal wallet.
- Reworked the power distribution logic. Should fix unstability and inconsistencies in power grids involving relays and batteries.
- Adjustments to reactors and supercapacitors to prevent the increased supercapacitor loads from crippling the subs on default recharge rates: slightly increased Humpback reactor output and decreased the default recharge rate of the capacitors, reduced recharge rates in the 3 new subs and set the supercapacitor efficiency to match the rest of the subs.
- Ballast flora improvements: improved damage visuals, branches die when cut from the root, the flora regenerates health at a rate relative to it's size.
- Made text displays and terminals craftable/attachable/detachable.
- Made Concat component's separator field editable mid-round.
- Made Deadeye Carbine fire in bursts.
- Animation adjustment: The head now rotates towards the mouse cursor while aiming or swimming.
- Swim animation adjustment: The body now rotates towards the aim target also when the character is moving, and not only while staying still. Moving while not facing the movement direction results in reduced movement speed.
- Set the bottom hole probability to 0 in Cold Caverns, which reduces the size and the frequency of holes in the level bottom.
- Characters spawn at a spawnpoint appopriate for their job when using the console command "spawn [job] inside".
- Added "low_oxygen" output to oxygen detectors.
- Beacon missions can spawn other types of monsters than just crawlers.
- Made supercapacitors take some damage when they're being charged faster than 70%.
- Increased Orca 2's reactor output.
- Adjustments to mission distribution: only easy missions at the beginning of the campaign, moved some of the more difficult missions later into the campaign.
- Made Not Component's ContinuousOutput property editable in-game.
- Show warnings when saving a sub in the sub editor if any of the entity counts (walls, items, lights, etc) are very high, don't allow saving if the light counts are above the upper limits.
- Added "power_value_out" and "load_value_out" connections to relays, batteries and supercapacitors.
- Boosted the structure damage from the small crawler eggs from 150 to 200.
- Adjusted structure and item damage for coilgun ammunition: piercing 50% less damage, exploding 100% more damage (from explosions), physicorium 50% more damage.
- Don't populate the abyss in difficulty levels 0 to 10 in single mission mode.
- Modified Selkie emergency hatch: can only use it if the shuttle is flooded.
- Reduce the probability for the coilgun to dismember limbs (or break armor).
- Removed submarine download confirmation prompt. All subs that are required to play in a server will be downloaded automatically, which shouldn't be a problem since they're only stored temporarily.
- Buffed ethanol's and tobacco's effects.
- Renamed "details" to "manage" and "permissions" to "rank" in the client management context menu to make them a little more clear.
- Changes to character aiming behavior.
- Water no longer dirties up walls.
- Disabled store category buttons for categories that contain no items.

- An extensive rewrite of how the game handles content packages and loading content. Addresses a ton of issues, inconsistencies and usability issues regarding modding.
- The Mods folder has been replaced by folders called "WorkshopMods" and "LocalMods". "WorkshopMods" is used to store mods installed from the Workshop, and any mods stored in it should never need to be modified manually. "LocalMods" is used for developing mods: installing/updating mods never modifies the contents of this folder to prevent any work from being lost.
- Submarines are no longer saved in the Submarines folder, because it made it easy to get vanilla and custom subs mixed up. The sub editor now automatically creates a new local mod for each saved submarine.
- Remade the Workshop menu and made it a tab of the settings menu.
- More robust handling of mod load order, overrides and variants.
- Clients now download the mods a server is using directly from the server, fixing content mismatches when for example trying to join a server that uses outdated mods.
- Mods now have version numbers to make it easier to determine which of the players are out of date.
- The Workshop preview images are no longer saved into the game folder, fixing the folder gradually growing in size as you use browse mods in the Workshop menu.
- Switching languages no longer requires restarting the game.
- Music can be overridden by identifiers.
- Reimplemented ServerExecutable to be usable in non-core packages. Now, players must select a server executable from a dropdown in the "Host server" menu if multiple are available.
- Character gender and ethnicity are no longer hard-coded: modders can use any kind of arbitrary tags to categorize character sprites.- Option to set the condition of an item spawned with status effects.
- Added new "accessiblebyowner" property to inventories. Allows making a character able to access their inventory even when "accessiblewhenalive" is false.
- Fixed clients not gaining control of the final stage of a husk affliction when "controlhusk" is enabled.
- When using a mod that doesn't set the InitialCount of any job, choose the first 3 jobs as the starting crew. Otherwise the crew customization menu will be empty and starting the campaign will lead to an immediate game over.
- Made it possible for attack StatusEffects to target the character doing the attack instead of the limb by using "Parent" as the target type.
- Using RemoveCharacter on a limb removes the character that limb belongs to.
- Fixed editing human character in the character editor sometimes making the inventory inaccessible.
- Fixed character editor crashing when trying to copy a character (unstable only).
- ItemContainers apply the OnContaining effects even when the item is broken. Doesn't affect any vanilla items.
- Ropes attached to limbs now automatically snap when another attack is chosen.
- Ropes can now be set to break from the end instead of always breaking from the middle (see the new abyss monster for an example).
- Ropes can be set to break if they are in too steep angle to the target.
- Projectiles always stick permanently unless a stick duration is defined.
- Characters (with deformable sprites) can be set to be drawn after (on top of) other characters. Normally characters are drawn in the order of spawning.
- AI Triggers can now be permanent.
- Added a generic damage threshold that currently defines how much damage the character needs to take from a single hit to hit the avoiding and releasing captured targets.
- Added a support for multiple identifiers and types in the limb health definitions.
- Added a support for min range for ranged attacks.
- Fixed monsters not being able to shoot faster than every ~1.5 second if they change the attacking limb.
- Added new after attack behaviors: Reverse and ReverseUntilCanAttack.
- Fixed "targetcontaineditem" still not working correctly.
- Fixed crashing when trying to remove fog of war at the very edges of the campaign map. Doesn't affect the vanilla game because there's enough padding at the edges of the map.
- Made DockingPort.ApplyEffectsOnDocking editable in the sub editor.
- Option to make missions force a ruin in the level if there isn't one.
- Character editor: don't check the validity of the texture path when copying humans (because the path is not valid and will be parsed later). Allows creating custom human characters by copying the vanilla human (even though they are not fully supported).
- Level editor no longer attempts to save the vanilla content.

- Added Latcher, a new abyss monster.
- Added a difficulty hierarchy for the abyss monsters. Easier monsters should spawn more frequently on an easier difficulty level, the harder should spawn more frequently on higher difficulty levels. Currently the new abyss monster is defined as the easiest, and Endworm the hardest. Charybdis is in between.
- Revisited endworm: the armor now breaks less easily, reduced the change of cutting the worm towards the head, adjusted the bleeding speed.
- Adjusted abyss resource spawning: less resources per level, the number of resources is relative to the difficulty, the spawned resources aren't guaranteed to always be the 5 least common alien materials.
- Made molochs, abyss monsters and fractal guardians immune to poisons.
- Fixed monsters sometimes trying to follow targets after losing the track of them even when they should be falling back from them (according to the after attack behavior).
- Fixed monsters sometimes using the after attack behavior of the current attack even when the cooldown of that attack is not active.
- Fixed monsters sometimes being unable to target the submarine, because their attack was incorrectly considered invalid.
- Fixed fractal guardians fleeing to a shelter immediatedly after taking some damage when they have targeted the guardian pod once and have not changed the target yet (e.g. if you shoot a guardian that is returning from the pod and if it has not yet spotted you).
- Adjusted the probabilities for spawning the Thalamus in the wrecks.
- Rebalanced mudraptors: slightly more health, less damage at head.
- Crawler: adjusted the vitality multipliers of hands and tail from 50% to 75%.
- Fixed Giant Spineling targeting doors after being attacked, which it shouldn't do by design. Might affect other creatures too.
- Fixed calyxanide not damaging the "naturally spawning" husks.
- Giant Spineling doesn't flee anymore when being shot with coilgun, chaingun, or small arms.
- Adjusted the kill hammerhead missions.

- Increased the price of calyxanide to make it more in line with the price of husk eggs.
- Fixed wrecked supply cabinets being treated as normal supply cabinets. Reduces the amount of loot spawned in them.
- Adjust the medical item spawns in wreck and abandoned  med cabinets: less powerful medicines. Basic ingredients and consumables are more common, but come in low quantities.
- Increased the amount of scrap in wrecks.
- Increased Gene Splicer's price from 200 to 500.
- Increase the commonness of Esperite and Galena, which are sources of lead.

- Fixed bots accidentally shooting with a weapon if they have it equipped when they try to use the underwater scooter.
- Fixed bots still sometimes getting stuck when trying to get something from or put something to secure lockers.
- Fixed bots acting weird while trying to use underwater scooters inside.
- Fixed bots failing to heal characters in a docked sub/shuttle.
- Adjusted bot behavior around ballast flora: priority of some objectives now drops to 0 when the target's been claimed by ballast flora, items claimed by ballast flora aren't valid targets for some objectives anymore.
- Made bot healing dialog reflect if CPR was performed or not.
- Fixed security from the player's own crew attacking the player in multiplayer when the player attacks someone in an outpost.
- Fix bots not ignoring items marked to be "Hidden In Game".
- Bots prefer not to take diving suits off in rooms marged with the "IsWetRoom" flag.
- Docking ports are now automatically considered as "wet rooms".
- Fixed bots trying to target through doors and walls even though there's no line of sight between the end node and the target.
- Added some dialogue to bots when they get infected with the husk infection.
- Fixed bots sometimes getting stuck to doors when they are trying to fix a hull behind it. Happened because the goto objective was completed before the bot could open the door.
- Attempt to fix a crash in AIObjectiveExtinguishFire.
- Fixed bots not being able to repair leaks between rooms (leaks that are not in the outer walls).
- Waypoint fixes on abandoned outpost modules, some regular outpost modules, and Winterhalter.
- Fixed bots occasionally getting stuck while climbing ladders connecting outpost modules.
- Fixes to waypoint generator, mainly on stairs.
- Fixed a null reference exception when a bot is dismissed while being told to follow the player and still in the combat state.
- Fixed items flagged as "HiddenInGame" being considered interactable and therefore e.g. valid repair targets.
- Fixed outpost guards not arresting the offender when it's very far from them.
- Fixed bots sometimes failing to navigate back to the sub (when they are on the other side of the sub than where the hatch is).

- Fix to yet another issue that sometimes prevented unlocking additional talents after unlocking "All-seeing Eye".
- Fixed "Curiosity" talent not giving experience to allies.
- Removing or changing order priority doesn't trigger the "Commander" talent buff.
- Fixed "Mass Production" talent allowing you to power devices by tinkering.
- Fixed "Pyromaniac" giving 39.9% damage resistance instead of 40%.
- Fixed ability to tinker indefinitely by interrupting the tinkering by switching to repairing the item.
- Fixed "Trusted Captain" and "Esteemed Captain" giving medals even when no missions have been completed.
- Fixed disconnected players preventing talents that require everyone to survive from working (e.g. "Field Medic", "Bootcamp").
- Fixed "Deep Sea Slayer" always giving you a 50% buff to harpoons regardless if you're inside or not.
- Fixed "Deep Sea Slayer" talent not affecting explosive harpoons.

- Fixed monsters being able to attack with practically no cooldown when they're taking constant damage from a player.
- Fixed crawler eggs not being displayed on the sonar.
- Fixed aiming being slightly off when crouching and not moving.
- Fixed item interfaces getting misaligned when there's several linked item UIs visible at the same time.
- Fixed inability to interact with doors/hatches through docking ports.
- Fixed escort missions failing if the escorted characters are in a shuttle docked to the main sub.
- Fixed pumps rounding the pumping rate value to -39 instead of -40.
- Fixed shell shields dropping from moloch's inventories when they spawn (because they could only be placed in hand slots which the molochs don't have).
- Fixed linked subs not being taken into account in the cargo capacity displayed in the sub's info panel.
- Fixed ID card descriptions disappearing between rounds.
- Fixed ID card description not being added if the ID card tags are empty.
- Fixed "error" text in the medical clinic UI when trying to heal a character who's disconnected.
- Fixed texts overlapping on health scanner hud when using a text scale above 100%.
- Fixed "snap to grid" not working on structures.
- Update items' hulls after creating the hulls between docking ports. Fixes e.g. water detectors between docking ports still thinking they're outside after the ports lock and the area between them drains.
- Fixed decorative sprites rotating incorrectly on vertically mirrored items.
- Disable collisions between subs when "locking" the docking ports between them. Fixes the ports leaving a gap between them if some structures of the sub prevent them from aligning exactly.
- Fixed wifi components ignoring signals to the "signal_in" connection if the signal originated from another wifi component that can't transmit to this one (i.e. if a wifi component passes a signal through a wire to another wifi component that uses a different channel).
- Fixed dropped signal components being drawn behind devices (now they're only drawn behind devices when attached to a wall).
- Fixed SMGs autofilled into the subs sometimes spawning without magazines.
- Fixed misaligned "Label Number 6" decal.
- Attempt to fix occasional performance drops in the store interface.
- Fixed clients seeing a blank server lobby if they join when a round is running with respawning disabled.
- Fixed arithmetic and trigonometric components not passing the sender of the signal forwards, preventing e.g. helm skill from boosting engines if the signal goes through a component.
- Fixed occasional crashes when transitioning between levels with showperf enabled in multiplayer campaign.
- Fixed wearables not affecting movement speed when godmode is on.
- Fixes periscopes not focusing on turrets if there's certain components (e.g. arithmetic components) between them.
- Fixed crashing when trying to use the "dumpeventtexts" command with no arguments or a disallowed path.
- Made smoke detectors a little more sensitive (should fix small fires sometimes not being detected even if they're in the same room).
- Fixed reactor sometimes not catching fire again if you start overheating it again immediately after a fire.
- Fixed recycling a non-empty SMG magazine dropping the bullet inside it on the floor.
- Fixed EntitySpawnerComponent's SpawnAreaOffset.Y being inverted.
- Fixed gaps generating incorrectly on "Shell A 70 Degrees".
- Fixed items powered by battery cells not working correctly (certain devices like handheld sonar beacons never powering up, and items staying powered indefinitely when you put in a battery and take it out). Unstable only.
- Fixed turret lights starting in an incorrect rotation in the sub editor.
- Fixed "commander" talent still not correctly giving the buff (giving orders that a character already had didn't move the buff). Unstable only.
- Fixed nav terminals sometimes determining which docking port the docking button controls incorrectly (specifically, when the correct docking port is also connected to other ports).
- Fixed an exploit in the depleted fuel SMG magazine recipe.
- Fixed reactor gauges' background sticking out from the gauges when selecting a reactor in the editor.
- Fixed fractal guardians fleeing to the shelter immediatedly after taking some damage when they have targeted the guardian pod once and have not changed the target yet (e.g. if you shoot a guardian that is returning from the pod and if it has not yet spotted you).
- Fixed Crawler Broodmother regenerating really fast while eating. Broodmother no longer eats her own eggs.
- Fixed spinelings accidentally killing each other with their spikes.
- Fixed burn being ignored in the damagemodifier of Charybdis' head. The jaw worked correctly. Affects pulse laser damage for example.
- Fixed lights that are drawn behind subs counting as shadow-casting in the sub editor.
- Fixed server host creating 2 disconnect message boxes if the server crashes.
- Fixed text scale not being taken into account on scrolling text displays.
- Re-filled Typhon 2 oxygen tank shelves.
- Fixed spawnpoint editing panel being too small on large resolutions.
- Fixed inability to equip one-handed items when there's a suitable container in the other hand (e.g. flashlight when there's a storage container in the other hand).
- Cargo missions don't require the cargo to be inside a hull: being in the sub is enough. Fixes inability to complete cargo missions with unconventional subs where the cargo is stored outside hulls.
- Fixed non-equipped items that can't be put into a duffel bag disappearing when a character despawns.
- Fixed incorrect animation parameters being used for swimming while wearing a regular diving suit.
- Fixed projectiles sometimes staying attached to the target even when they are far from it.
- Fixed multiplayer campaign saves with semicolons or pipes in their name causing "path to a save file was empty" errors in the server lobby.
- Fixed performance drops in multiplayer when someone attacks the outpost NPCs and causes the reputation to drop.
- Moved the showperf view to the right to prevent it from overlapping with the crew list.
- Fixed status monitor's electrical view and item finder not showing items in docked subs.
- The sound of crowbaring a door open can't be heard from other subs.
- Fixed "a gaze into the abyss" achievement working unreliably. The achievement didn't unlock until you returned to 50% of the crush depth, which isn't possible in some levels (e.g. if the level starts at 3500 m and crush depth at 5000 m). Now it's unlocked if you get to 500 m above the crush depth or to the end of the level.
- Fixed certain achievements (last man standing, lone sailor, finishing a round with a specific job) not unlocking if you're in a docked sub instead of the main sub at the end of the round.
- Readjusted all sitting animations so that they characters shouldn't twitch anymore while sitting.
- Doubled the rate limit for medical clinic which should reduce "No response from server" errors.
- Fixed swimming characters sometimes being unable to stand up on stairs/platforms even if the water is shallow enough.
- Fixed guitar and harmonica being rendered on top of the water effect.
- Fixed guitar, harmonica, accordion and captains pipe having neutral buoyancy.
- Fixed mid-round joining clients not seeing subs purchased during that round.
- Fixed research station being repairable by clicking on it instead of pressing E.
- Fixed medical curtains disappearing before they're off-screen.
- Fixed karma preset being forced to default when starting a new server.
- Fixed Herja's rear motion detector being connected to an incorrect display, and the bottom turret display having an incorrect text.
- Fixed crash caused by selection not being cleared when autocompleting or running a console command.
- Fixed occasional performance dips when spineling spikes get stuck to the sub's exterior walls.
- Fixed item assemblies getting misaligned with the grid after saving.
- Fixed "Shell A 18" not aligning with the other shell pieces.
- Fixed welding tool's, plasma cutter's and watering can's particle effects getting "clamped" to the edges of the hull they're inside.
- Fixed permission icon in the client list not updating mid-round.
- Fixed "lock default wires" server setting not affecting docked subs.
- Fixed Dugong's small pumps working without power.
- Fixed buttons in structure editing menu using a different style than other types of entities in the sub editor.


- Fixed excessive loading times when playing in Chinese, Japanese or Korean.
- Fixed certain logic components (and/or/xor with an empty output and non-empty false output) stopping to work altogether when they stop sending a signal.
- Fixes to crashes when trying to interact with certain elements in the server lobby while getting disconnected.


- Fixed captain tutorial being impossible to complete due to the docking button not activating on the nav terminal.
- Fixed door lights appearing to be off in the tutorials.
- Fixed crashing when you try to use the hotkeys or double-clicking to put an item inside another item you're holding in your left hand, but there's an item with no inventory in your right hand.
- Fixed inability to repair research stations.
- Fixed status monitors crashing the game if the selected UI style doesn't define "IconOverflowIndicator".
- Fixed crashing when trying to view the specs window of a sub that hasn't been saved yet (= if you create a new sub, go to the test mode and open the submarine tab in the tab menu).
- Fixed some of Spineling's spikes getting hidden for 30 seconds instead of 15.


Changes and additions:
- Added a medical clinic to outposts that allows you to heal your crew for a price.
- Added three new sub: Barsuk, Herja and Winterhalter.
- Improvements and polish to the human sprites.
- Improvements and polish to clothing and headgear sprites.
- Added the Submarine tab to the multiplayer campaign store to allow selling items on the submarine.
- Prevented selling items from submarine containers tagged with "donttakeitems", e.g. constructors, deconstructors.
- Added new campaign store related client permissions: use campaign store, buy items, sell inventory items, and sell submarine items.
- Entities can be grouped together and the groups selectively hidden in the submarine editor.
- Balanced mission rewards, commonness and difficulties.
- Added some new decorative items and structures.
- Adjusted medical items' effects on bleeding and burns. Bandages, plastiseal and antibiotic glue are now much more effective at treating them, and morphine & fentanyl only heal them by a negligible amount.
- Heavily increased supercapacitor's power consumption and made the recharge speed increase exponentially when the recharge rate is increased.
- Optimizations to signal logic, status effects and property conditionals.
- Item update optimizations.
- Optimizations to gap logic.
- Optimized multiplayer store interface.
- Added "separator" property to Concat Component.
- Added "power_value_out" and "load_value_out" connections to junction boxes.
- Added "set_output" connection to Greater Than Component, Equals Component and Regex Component.
- Made alien materials spawn in abyss islands.
- Exposed wall healths in the sub editor.
- Modified Orca 2 and R-29 reactor values so they're more in line with other subs.
- Made ballast flora toxins more visible and made them emit a sound.
- Made impacts toss items around less effectively, especially when the item is heavy.
- "Allow rewiring" server setting doesn't affect wrecks, pirate subs or ruins.
- Added an option to disable all in-game hints to the hint message box.
- Option to make sonar displays center on the connected sonar transducer.
- Made the sizes of signal components consistent (32x32px, they also align to the grid now).
- Don't allow fabricators to take items from linked containers the user doesn't have access to.
- Connected diving suit lockers to oxygen in vanilla subs.
- Pulse laser ammo can be bought from outposts and cities.
- Chaingun tweaks: doubled turning speed when firing, reduced charging up time, reduced ammo consumption and made the ammo boxes more expensive.
- Simplified Remora drone docking system.
- Show notifications about reputation changes mid-round.
- Escorted NPCs drop the items they took from the sub (like suits) at the end of the round.
- Added warnings when the game fails to run the physics at the desired 60 updates per second (which would cause rubberbanding in multiplayer). The warnings are shown below the FPS when the client is running slowly, and in the debug console of the host/moderators/admins when the server is.
- Made turret icons on the minimap gray instead of red when not manned (easy to think there's something wrong with the turret when it's red).
- Abandoned outpost's oxygen generators now consume power.
- Made characters crouch a little lower (enough to make it possible to shoot while standing behind a crouching character).
- Added a "sendchatmessage" console command with an option to configure the color of the message.
- Added button to align selected items and wire nodes to grid to the sub editor.
- Allow using cheats in editors.
- Don't show "hidden in-game" docking ports on the sonar, option to disable the docking port's particle and sound effects.
- The prompt about forbidden words in the server's name is only shown when trying to start a public server.
- Show prices in the submarine specs window (previously there was no way to see a sub's price in the server lobby).
- Allow wiring non-interactable items and accessing non-interactable containers in the sub editor.
- Chaingun projectiles and canister shells cause lacerations instead of gunshot wounds.
- Added recycle recipe to SMG magazines.
- Significantly reduced the speed at which welding tools fix walls.
- Changed the small arms max stack sizes to either 6 or 12 when the clip size is 6. Makes it less tedious to use the extra ammunition.
- Added damage sounds to doors when they take 10 or more damage.
- Made outpost containers' sprite depths more consistent with other containers.
- Added tags to outpost medical compartments and made them linkable.
- Mission completion and failure icons are now displayed mid-round in the tab menu.

- Added 3 new monster variants: Giant Spineling, Crawler Broodmother and Veteran Mudraptor.
- An overall balance and behavior fix pass on all monsters. Feedback is welcome.
- Monster mission reward and difficulty level adjustments.
- Adjustments to the random monster spawn events.
- Adjusted the loot dropped by Crawler Broodmother, Giant Spineling, and Bonethresher.
- Moloch Pupa and Hammerhead Matriarch now also drop some loot.
- Crawler Eggs now deconstruct into suplhuric acid (and adrenaline gland, if they are not the smallest variants).
- Fixed mudraptors being unable to hit the targets that are very near.
- Fixed monsters sometimes getting stuck near the Humpback's bottom railgun.
- Fixed monsters getting stuck on trying to reach open gaps that are on the other side of the sub.
- Fixed aggressive boarders not being aggressive enough inside the player sub, because they couldn't target things that were blocked by a wall.
- Fixed Molochs not doing anything when there's babies around.
- Fixed Mudraptors not staying together in swarms.
- Fixed monsters continuing to eat a characters who've been revived with console commands (leading to weird results, such as the character being able to run around after being dismembered)..
- Fixed some monsters, like crawlers, trying to target walls with lots of gaps even though there are better targets closer to them.
- Fixed monsters being unable to target inner walls when they are technically outside of the sub (= when there's no hull where they are). Such places, between the outer and the inner walls, can be found e.g. in Humpback.
- Tigerthreshers can now target doors.
- Monsters that try to get inside the sub, should now notice and priorize doors more overall. Affects e.g. Mudraptors, and to lesser extent Crawlers (and Tigerthreshers).
- Monsters' burns don't heal by themselves.
- Fixed hammerhead matriarchs sometimes spawning in low-difficulty levels.
- Fixed endworm not having a burn damage modifier in the right tooth.
- Changed Golden Hammerhead's behavior towards stronger monsters.

- The order of the crew list is saved between rounds in single player.
- Indicate when a bot is following someone else than you on the crew list's order icons.
- When quick-assigning orders, prioritize the characters with the same Operate order only when they are targeting the same item.
- When quick-assigning orders, don't prioritize characters with the same Maintenance order. Otherwise, Maintenance orders will always be quick-assigned to characters who already have the samer order. This will prevent giving out multiple Maintenance orders of the same type to multiple characters using the quick-assignment logic.
- Allow quick-assigning the same kind of Operate order to multiple characters. Previously, it would always be given to the character that already had the same kind of order.
- Added a new "Assault Enemy" order: bots with the order will seek out and attack any hostile characters in any connected submarines or outposts.
- Made the order quick-assigning logic prefer characters who don't have the order yet (among the characters with the appropriate job).
- Made it possible to use the order quick-assignment to give the Fix Leaks order to all character (although mechanics, engineers, and assistants are still preferred).
- Fixed bots sometimes getting stuck while trying to fix a leak that's not in the same sub (e.g. bot in Remora and the leak in the drone).
- Reduced the range where the bots can spot enemies outside of the sub.
- Improved bots' ability to return back to the submarine from caves.
- Fixed oxygen shards from old saves still being used as oxygen sources by bots.
- Fixed bots getting stuck in certain spots with ladders (e.g. Berilia's reactor room).
- Fixed contextual "clean up" order not being visible for weapons.
- Defined preferred containers for some items and added "locker" as the secondary preferred container for most items. Helps bots clean up things even when they can't find the primary container for the items.
- Fixed bots sometimes halting briefly next to a door when they shouldn't.
- "Fight intruders" order doesn't make the bots enter abandoned outposts to fight the enemies there.
- Disable aggressive behavior towards the player for the friendly crew members in single player (= accidental friendly fire never turns the security hostile in single player).
- Fixed bots saying they can't find items to load when someone takes an item they were targeting.
- Fixed bots saying they can't reach a leak when someone else fixes it before them.
- Fixed bots sometimes trying to adjust auto-controlled pumps when doing the autonomous Pump Water objective.
- Arrested pirate captains don't try to give orders to their crew.
- Change how captains (and theoretically other bots with an autonomous fight intruders order) behave: instead of idling around, they'll flee to the safety. And if there's no security officers around, they should fight the enemy aggressively.
- Fixed bots filling target containers with items that can't be refilled/recharged when given the Load Items order (e.g. putting welding fuel tanks in oxygen tank shelves).
- Made bots prefer the same fuel rods or ammo as already loaded when they're operating a reactor or a turret and need to find new ones.
- Bots that follow a character who's going inside/outside stick closer to the character they're following. Helps the bots to get back inside with you.
- Fixed pets becoming hostile towards the crew and other pets if a human attacks the character they're protecting.
- Fixed pirates not operating turrets when they have no power.
- Fixed bots not unequipping diving suits when they have an order but not actively following it (i.e. they are on idle).
- Fixed Operate orders not being dismissed automatically when another character is ordered to operate the same device.
- Fixed the dialogue reserved for rearranging character orders not being used in multiplayer.
- Fixed bots sometimes getting stuck on ladders while swimming.
- Fixed bots returning to the sub even when they have an active wait order. Happened when the order was given inside and then when e.g. the character is controlled by the player, and then when the player changes the character, the bot falls to the "find safety objective", because it's not allowed to stay outside.
- Bots can find buttons connected to a door using links made in the sub editor. Allows working around complex circuits that prevent the bots from figuring out which button controls a door.
- Fixed bots taking battery cells from portable pumps without considering their condition when acting on the Recharge Battery Cells order.
- Fixed bots not always reacting to monsters when they should be able to see them, while swimming outside.
- Fixed bots accidentally damaging friendly characters while trying to hit Swarmfeeders latched on to them.
- Fixed bots not using melee weapons when there's Swarmfeeders latched on to them.
- Fixed bots being able to shoot without any delay if they already have a weapon equipped.
- Fixed bots dropping the syringe inside PUCS when replacing the oxygen tank.
- Fixed bots sometimes failing to find a path to a docked shuttle or drone.
- Fixed NPCs reacting to combat between other characters when they shouldn't (e.g. when they don't witness it).
- Fixed bots not re-equipping body armor/ballistic helmet/something else when they drop the diving gear.
- Fixed bots having issues with some stairs. Note: these changes might require alterations on stair waypoints. Currently the generator doesn't do perfect job there. Look for the examples on how to fix them manually in the vanilla subs.
- Fixed bots sometimes trying to put items they're cleaning up into containers inside fabricators/deconstructors (e.g. an oxygen tank into a diving suit in a fabricator).
- Fixed bots equipping gene splicers when cleaning them up, causing the genetic material to get destroyed when the bot puts the splicer in a container.

- Removed the special stat boosts from "Olympian" (now it only increases the skill cap to 200).
- Halved the amount of damage "Still Kicking" heals (100 -> 50)
- Reduced gunshot wounds inflicted by handcannon.
- "True Potential" only has a chance of instakilling things smaller than a moloch.
- Halved damage buff from "Quickdraw" (80% -> 40%).
- Reduced skill gain from "Field Medic" (7 -> 3).
- Nerfed "Warlord" (20% chance of doubling the damage -> 5% chance).
- Reduced damage buff from "Expert Commando" (40% -> 20%).
- Health scanner doesn't show buffs from talents.
- Fixed "unused talent points" indicator staying visible after all talents have been unlocked if the character's gained extra talent points from other talents.
- Fixed incorrect talents sometimes unlocking server-side when unlocking "All-Seeing Eye". Happened because the server checked how many talents the client can unlock before applying All-Seeing Eye, which meant that the 3 extra talents would not be available, and the server would leave the last 3 talents unlocked.
- Fixed "Inspired to Act" talent only giving a skill bonus of 9.98 instead of 10.
- Fixed "Atmos Machine" talent not spawning psychosis artifacts or alien pistols.
- Fixed "Hazardous Materials" considering any reactor outside the main sub (e.g. beacon station) a wreck reactor.
- Fixed ranged weapons (including turrets) triggering "Electrochemist" talent's stun.

- Fixes character resetting in MP campaign if you join mid-round and don't get to spawn in before the next round in a campaign you've previously played in.
- Fixed equipping two of the same genetic material and then unequipping one of them removing all the genetic effects.
- Fixed "novice seafarer", "experienced seafarer" and "naval architect" achievements being possible to unlock even if cheats are enabled.
- Fixed kills in multiplayer sessions not progressing the "xenocide" and "genocide" achievements, and kills being reported to Steam unreliably.
- Fixed clients not spawning the respawn shuttle if they join after the server had disabled the shuttle mid-round, leading to an "entity not found" kick.
- Fixed medical effects being different when the medical item is fired with a syringe gun.
- Fixed wall healths being half of what they should be on vanilla subs, increased structure damages to compensate.
- Fixed fabricator sometimes desyncing in MP when some of the ingredients are in the user's inventory.
- Fixed clients trying to reconnect to SteamP2P indefinitely if establishing the initial connection fails, eventually leading to a crash.
- Fixed "allow linking wifi to chat" server setting causing syncing problems with headsets. The setting wasn't synced with clients who don't have settings management permissions, which would cause them to get some of the wifi components' properties mixed up and sometimes prevent them from communicating using the headsets.
- Fixed motion detector requiring the target's velocity to be higher than the specified minimum velocity, instead of higher than or equal. As a result, a minimum velocity of 0 would not sometimes detect targets in range.
- Fixed an exploit that allowed combining genetic materials in deconstructors.
- Fixed "fixitems" command setting genetic materials' condition to 100.
- Fixed "reset to prefab" not resetting wall healths.
- Fixed certain logic components not passing forwards the character who sent the signal, preventing e.g. the character who undocked a drone from being logged or the character who killed something from being determined if the signal activates a weapon.
- Orca 2: Fixed missing power wires to a couple small pumps, neutral ballast level, gunnery marked as wet room. Added a duct block between upper and lower deck. Some minor visual fixes.
- Fixed voronoi sites sometimes getting placed outside the level's bounds, leading to messed up level geometry.
- Fixed turrets always starting at rotation 0 at the beginning of the round (instead of halfway between the min/max angles like in the editor).
- Fixed changing a delay component's delay using the editing hud not having an effect in-game when the component is receiving a continuous signal.
- Take structures/items with a collider into account when calculating a sub's dimensions (as opposed to just hulls). Fixes dimensions being incorrect in the submarine's info if the sub includes structures that extend far outside the hulls.
- Fixed crashing when swimming up from hull to another in a specific kind of hull configuration (two hulls side-by-side, with a gap leading up to another one).
- Fixed oxygen shards from old saves still being used as oxygen sources by bots.
- Fixed changes not being applied to all selected items when multi-editing a string field in the sub editor and deselecting the items without applying the changes by pressing enter.
- The game doesn't try to save a campaign if an exception occurs at any point during the saving process (should fix rare occurrences of campaign saves getting corrupted).
- Don't allow signals to deactivate ItemContainers. Fixes portable pumps' "toggle" input not working.
- Fixed removed items staying visible on the status monitor's electrical tab.
- Fixed plants still using the old values in old saves (i.e. dying too fast when not watered).
- Outposts can't request the "psychosisartifact_event" item (an event-specific special artifact that looks identical to the normal ones).
- Fixed size of a door's gap relative to the door changing when rescaling the door in the sub editor.
- Fixed fabricator consuming all the suitable ingredients when the ingredient is configured using a tag instead of an identifier (e.g. fabricating a stun gun dart would consume all the wires in the input slots).
- Fixed motion detector's detect offset getting mirrored when copying a mirrored detector.
- Fixed status monitor's submarine blueprint refreshing when initiating docking with a shuttle, instead of when the docking ports lock (sometimes causing the shuttle to appear slightly off from the docking port on the monito).
- Fixed fabricator failing to stack oxygenite tanks.
- Fixed items in the player's inventory not getting highlighted as valid ingredients when using a fabricator.
- Attempt to fix a rare crash caused by ScalableFont.DrawStringWithColors.
- Fixed freezing when trying to enable GameAnalytics from the settings menu on Mac.
- Fixed locked connection panel and non-interactable lights in R-29.
- Fixed Delay Component failing to parse set_delay inputs on systems that use comma as the decimal separator.
- Fixed charge rate not being displayed correctly on batteries in Chinese.
- Fixed junction box load not being displayed on status monitors in Russian.
- Fixed oxygen tanks being misaligned in oxygen generators.
- Fixed motion sensor not being able to detect subs in the sub editor test mode.
- Fixed recycled volatile fulgurium rods incorrectly using mechanical instead of electrical skill.
- Consider the character who severed a limb as the character who inflicted the afflictions caused by severing the limb. + Consider the character who caused bleeding as the character who caused the resulting bloodloss. Fixes achievements not unlocking and talents not triggering if you kill a target by cutting its limbs off or by making it bleed to death.
- Fixed characters sometimes becoming momentarily unresponsive when swimming out from a hull.
- Fixed speed penalty caused by the vegetation in caves sometimes not disappearing after passing through the vegetation.
- Fixed links from a docking port to a linked sub not being considered valid in the sub editor (only a link from linked sub to a docking port). Now the order of the link doesn't matter.
- Fixed repair window showing up if you use a periscope wired to a broken device.
- Fixed sonar getting misaligned when switching to the docking mode (the amount of misalignment being relative to the distance of the docking port from the sub's center).
- Fixed light textures not rotating with the lamps in the sub editor.
- Fixed elements in CustomInterface getting misaligned if the signal_out connections aren't used in sequential order (e.g. if you only connect a wire to outputs 2 and 3).
- Fixed server including lines multiple times in the saved server logs (e.g. the 2nd saved log file would include some lines that were already saved to the 1st log file).
- Fixed initial husk infection message being displayed immediately after getting infected, not after the infection advances.
- Fixed equip slots being misplaced if you open the health interface when the equip slots have been hidden.
- Fixed wrecks sometimes not spawning in levels despite a wreck mission being selected.
- Fixed characters moving slowly downwards when aiming underwater.
- Fixed moloch shell shields not protecting the user from non-hitscan weapons or melee weapons.
- Fixed messed up mining crane sprite.
- Fixed crashing when pirates try to operate the sub using a nav terminal that doesn't control any sub (doesn't affect vanilla subs because they don't contain that kind of nav terminals).
- Fixed fabricator showing the info of the selected item wrong when selecting the fabricator with another character (e.g. fabrication time still calculated based on the previous user's skills).
- Fixed characters reading skillbooks upside-down.
- Fixed personality traits changing after every round in mp campaign.
- Fixed monsters always eating the character they're grabbing, even when the monster is configured as not being able to eat (in practice only happened when a player controlled something like a fractal guardian and grabbed another character).
- Fixed characters sometimes using the "priorities have changed" dialogue when giving a new order.
- Fixed pumps' auto-controlled status not being updated correctly.
- Added some extra logging to diagnose the "did not receive STARTGAMEFINALIZE message from the server" errors.
- Misc localization fixes and improvements.
- Fixed tab menu's character tab not refreshing when switching to another character.
- Fixed ballast flora still being present when you replace an infested lost shuttle in an outpost.
- Fixed occasional crashes and entity ID errors when entering a new level with a ballast flora infested sub.
- Fixed inability to swap SMG magazines (or other items that go inside the held item) by double-clicking.
- Fixed "failed to parse the string to Vector2" when loading bot orders that have been saved on a system that uses comma as a decimal separator.
- Fixed rounding error in RespawnManager that caused it to require 1 extra dead player to trigger a respawn (e.g. 9 players and a minimum of 30% players to respawn required 3 players, but the client-side texts showed 2).
- Fixed "stairs left" appearing mirrored in the status monitor's sub blueprint and in the sub editor's entity selection menu.
- Fixed Wifi Component's "set_channel" input not working when sending signals to it via chat in multiplayer.
- Fixed autoshotgun not taking stacks into account in the ammo indicator below the inventory slot (= displaying it as being full when there's one shell in each slot, even though more could be stacked on the slots).
- Fixed hitscan turrets sometimes hitting targets inside your own sub when there's linked subs present.
- Fixed faraday and nasonov artifacts' periodic explosions stopping if the round is ended during their 0.5s "reset" period.
- Fixed oxygenite shards not exploding in depth charge shells.
- Fixed killer sometimes being determined incorrectly when a character gets killed by something else than another character: e.g. if a character got crushed by pressure, the character who last did damage to them was considered to be the killer, which could for example lead to achievements being unlocked in inappropriate situations.
- Fixed pumps not taking the volumes/shapes of the linked hulls into account when using "set_targetlevel", causing the neural level to be off in irregularly shaped multi-hull ballasts.
- Fixed artifacts sometimes spawning outside the level when there's no artifact holder to place them in (e.g. when having 2 artifact missions active at the same time).
- The electrical grid in beacon stations is turned indestructible after activating it. Should fix beacon missions sometimes failing for no apparent reason (if something happened to damage the beacon's walls during the round and flood it).
- Attempt to fix a null reference exception in Map.RemoveFogOfWar (suspecting it was caused by a mod that didn't configure the campaign map's sprite for some biome).
- Fixed nav terminal's docking button staying visible if the terminal is disconnected from the docking port by deactivating a relay between them.
- Fixed cursor position jittering when the sub is moving fast.
- Fixed discharge coils in Berilia and Orca 2 being connected to junction boxes instead of supercapacitors.
- Fixed wall colliders generating twice on abyss islands without caves, and the 1st generated wall not getting mirrored along with the level, leading to "invisible walls" in some areas of the abyss in mirrored levels.
- Pirates that are outside or unconscious count as being dead in the pirate missions. Fixes pirate missions failing if e.g. one of the pirates gets stranded outside their sub.
- Fixed some turrets being possible to power with batteries, even though the maximum power output of the batteries shouldn't be high enough.
- Fixed the drug dealer in the "heart of gold" event fleeing from the other bandits.
- Fixed decapitating not working as it should.
- Fixed being able to grab hostile NPCs.
- Fixed sound effects not playing when a monster hits the sub's inner wall.
- Fixed correct sprite not being used in the great sea on the campaign map.
- Fixed "settings" text overlapping in the settings menu when using a very large text size.
- EventManager doesn't consider monsters in a docked non-player sub (e.g. abandoned outpost) to be "inside the sub". Fixes intensity always being at 100% in monster-infested outposts.
- Fixed outpost cabinet's sprite having empty space above it.
- Fixed inability to put syringe guns, toy hammers, welding tools, plasma cutters and sprayers in weapon holders.
- Fixed escort missions giving huge rewards in higher difficulty levels.
- Fixed a nullref exception in CharacterHUD.Draw when an icon can't be found for a campaign interaction.

- Added "HealCostMultiplier" attribute to AfflictionPrefabs that adjusts the heal cost in medical clinic.
- EntitySpawnerComponent treats positive y offset as up to make it more consistent with other components.
- Added an option to define a hard limit for how many entities EntitySpawnerComponent can spawn.
- Fixed "targetself" attack conditionals checking both the attacker and the target.
- Added "delaybetweenspawns" property to MonsterEvents (determines the delay between spawning the individual monsters of a given monster event).
- Don't allow setting an item's or limb's density to 0 (leads to "attempted to apply invalid force/torque" errors).
- Fixed shields blocking projectiles from the user's weapon. Didn't affect any vanilla items, because all the shields are 2-hand items that prevent using a weapon at the same time.
- Fixed ButtonTerminals without an ItemContainer component causing crashes.
- If a mod makes a vanilla item movable/detachable and sets it as being attached by default, attach it to a wall when loading a sub that already had those items placed. I.e. making static devices movable doesn't cause them to deattach in existing subs.
- Fixed monster AI's targeting priorities doing nothing if the threshold is 0 and the target hasn't done any damage.
- Fixed custom ID card tags not working in wrecks.
- Fixed Rope component not attaching to the limb it's fired from in multiplayer (doesn't affect any vanilla content).
- Fixed crashing in multiplayer when there are spectators in the server and someone reach

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Changelog: ShowHide
The anniversary update
Today we’ve released an update with a variety of quality of life improvements, fixes and minor changes. We’re hopeful it should help with the performance issues we know many players have been experiencing, and there are some exciting additions as well, such as…

    Transferring items between submarines when purchasing a new sub
    New difficulty presets for campaigns
    Three new beacon stations
    Further modding improvements to wrap up the Modding Refactor we did before.

See the full list of changes just below and be sure to update your game to the latest version. Let us know how the update plays, enjoy the coming summer and thank you for being with us today!



- Added some new campaign settings: starting balance, amount of starting items and difficulty.
- Cargo mission reward of construction materials has been reduced to be less balance-breaking.
- Revisited all item spawns. Drastically reduced and adjusted the spawns everywhere. Disabled some spawns in campaign. All the subs should now start with a bare minimum in the campaign.
- Reduced selling price to ~25% of base price to avoid getting too rich from looting too early/easily
- Increased effect of "Requested Goods" to be 2x to compensate for the decreased selling price.
- Alien artifacts and trinkets can still be sold for a high price at research stations. (2x modifier, to compensate for the reduced selling price)
- Removed batteries from Headset, to reduce the value of selling/deconstructing these.
- Duffelbag deteriorates over time when in use, and now is carried with both hands.
- All items now deconstruct into less materials than it takes to construct them. Avoiding infinite construction/deconstruction loops for easy skill leveling.
- (Temporarily?) Removed most hand-placed items from the vanilla subs to make balancing and debugging the auto item placement easier.
- Revisited crew corpse spawns. The id cards are no longer manually placed. The cards found from the crew now actually work.
- Minor adjustments to bandit loadouts.
- Changes to chaingun. Now fires 500 shots instead of 200 per ammo box, at the cost of DPS.
- Added shredder rounds for chaingun, as an option against armoured targets.
- Adjusted the armor penetration of all turrets.
- Made location evolution take a little longer, colonies cannot be formed closer than three steps to another colony.
- Made wreck missions a little more common.
- Adjustments to the preferred containers (= where things are spawned and where they should be placed).
- Changes to the existing missions and how they are distributed. Added new missions.
- Reduced the costs for unlocking the biomes.
- Adjustments to the monster spawns.
- Changes to the item "gating". Some items don't appear early in the game anymore.
- Adjustments to the mission specific variants of the monsters.
- Added a large Crawler variant for some missions (removed the Swarmcrawler that was used for crawler missions).
- Halved Mudraptors' priority for eating dead bodies.
- Reduce nausea chance of energy drink to 25%.
- Changes to the campaign progression in general.
- Changes to the level generation parameters, especially in Cold Caverns and the Ridge.
- Changes to the level resources distribution.
- Changes to the event manager settings (that affect the monster spawns).
- Adjusted and normalized the item loadouts for all the jobs.

Chat improvements:

- Chat mode (radio/local) can be toggled using a dropdown next to the chat box or with a dedicated "ToggleChatMode" keybind (R by default).
- Voice chat now has only one push-to-talk keybind (V by default) which respects the selected chat mode.
- There's now a dedicated "ActiveChat" keybind (T by default) to open the chat using the currently active chat mode.
- If you want to keep the chat keybinds the way they were (separate keybinds for local and radio), you can rebind the "Chat" and "RadioChat" inputs back to T and R and the new "ToggleChatMode" and "ActiveChat" inputs to something else.

Changes and additions:

- Added damage overlays to characters (characters who've taken damage look damaged).
- Added two new beacon stations.
- Added a bunch of new UI sounds (tickbox toggling, confirming transactions, increase/decrease sounds for number inputs, cart sound for adding/removing items in store interfaces, selecting/clicking components, sliders and modlist).
- Added UI volume slider.
- Show a verification prompt if an automated circuit tries to make the submarine undock from or dock with an outpost. Prevents campaign getting softlocked if someone rewires the docking port in a way that makes it dock/undock immediately at the start of around.
- Color subs in the sub editor's list to indicate whether they're vanilla, workshop or local subs, added a tooltip that explains why some of them cannot be deleted through the editor.
- ID cards can now be purchased from outposts. The card gets assigned the appropriate tags for the character doing the purchase.
- Clients need to wait 1 minute if their vote gets rejected before they can start another vote of the same type.
- Increased the priority of explosion particles to make it less likely for them to not appear when the particle limit has been reached.
- Made matriarch genes slowly heal bleeding (not just afflictions of the type "damage") to get it to be more in line with the description.
- Adjusted small water flow sounds: lower max volume, lerp volume according to the water flow (-> small leaks are much more quiet).
- Added energy drinks and protein bars to vending machines.
- Reduced Winterhalter engine power drain (from 6000 total to 4250).
- Decorative level objects (plants and whatnot) can spawn on outpost walls.
- Adjustments on the particle effects of chaingun and coilgun.
- Added non-lethal rubber bullets for riot shotgun.
- Added a server setting to change if the looted money goes to the player or to the bank.
- Improved tooltips in the wallet menu to make their function more clear.
- Corpses can now be grabbed in singleplayer to loot money.
- Made the crew wallet menu update when the players permissions change.
- Prevented selling items from submarine containers tagged with "dontsellitems", instead of "donttakeitems".
- Removed merchant balance effect on item prices.
- Replaced "item sell value" with the location reputation effect on the store interface.
- Hide AppData path from tooltips in the sub editor to prevent exposing the user's name.
- Made the descriptions of some materials (that used to just say "useful for crafting") more descriptive.
- Increased oxygen generator output in some vanilla subs.
- Made handheld sonar beacon sound less grating.
- The client who initiated a vote cannot take part in that vote (except if they're the only client who can vote, in which case the vote automatically passes).
- Made flashlight flicker before the battery runs out.
- Added some lootable money to corpses found in wrecks.
- Removed the small equipment indicators next to the character portrait.
- Weapon holders now use the tag "mountableweapon" instead of "weapon" to determine which items can be placed in them. Allows tagging non-weapon items as mountable in the holder, without making bots consider it a weapon due to the "weapon" tag. Also allows to keep some weapons not-mountable.
- Ammunition Shelf can now also store Depth Charges ("depthchargeammo" tag added)
- Doors and hatches can now be mirrored in the sub editor (making them open from top to bottom, or from right to left).
- Depth charges can be stored in coilgun ammo shelves.
- Adding preview images to wrecks, beacon stations, outposts or enemy subs isn't allowed in the sub editor (unnecessarily bloats up their file size, as the preview images aren't visible anywhere).


- Improved the performance statistics view that's enabled with the "showperf" console command: more fine-grained stats and easier-to-read visuals.
- Optimized AI pathfinding when they're trying to find a safe hull. Particularly noticeable in colonies when the NPCs are fleeing from something.
- Optimized character status effects (e.g. health regen and other constant damage reductions).
- Optimized watcher's acid clouds.
- Optimized loading submarines. Reduces loading times especially when there's lots of items in the sub.
- Lighting optimization: now some unimportant (dim and small) lights are hidden when there's lots of light sources visible on the screen at the same time. The maximum number of visible lights can be adjusted in the game settings.
- Lighting optimization: the number of light recalculations per frame is limited, meaning that when there's lots of moving, shadow-casting lights visible, the game doesn't try to recalculate the shadows all at the same time.
- Lighting optimization: simplify the light rendering when zoomed very far out (e.g. when looking through a periscope).
- Optimized status effects that modify items' conditions every frame (for example, oxygen tank shelves that fill up oxygen tanks).
- Optimized many status effects by making them only execute once per second instead of every frame (most importantly, diving suits and volatile fuel rods).
- Optimized talents: buffs are applied to characters periodically instead of every frame.
- Optimized the logic that bots use to determine the safety of hulls.
- Optimized items: stop updating items that don't need to be updated more aggressively.
- Optimized bot AIs: in particular, the cleanup, repair, pump water and load items objectives. Should significantly improve performance when the bots are doing these objectives when there's a large number of items in the sub.
- Optimized entity culling logic (determines which items/structures are currently visible in the screen).
- Optimized a bunch of textures.


- Fixed server not refreshing the power grid when a client disconnects and reconnects a power wire.
- Fixed hull updates not being sent if the water/oxygen/fire in the hull doesn't change server-side, preventing the hull's status from getting corrected if a client somehow ends up out of sync.
- Fixed ballast flora sometimes becoming unkillable in multiplayer.
- Attempt to fix tab menu crew list sometimes getting stuck to a broken state at the beginning of a round.
- Fixed inability to access the character tab in the tab menu when dead (preventing you from creating a new character).
- Fixed occasional "hash calculation for content package xxxx didn't match expected hash" errors when updating/enabling certain mods.
- Fixed preview sometimes breaking in the character customization menu when switching the hair or accessories on Linux or Mac.
- Fixed fonts not getting rescaled when changing resolution.
- Fixed misplaced hull in the beacon stations.
- Fixed ability to pick up items and take items from other characters when controlling a character whose inventory is inaccessible while alive.
- Fixed message box about a too large preview image not being shown when trying to publish one in the Workshop (instead throwing the generic "publishing failed" error).
- Fixed Venture airlock (missing button, inner door wiring).
- Fixed level floor not being visible on the sonar.
- Fixed bots being unable to shoot with a turret whose line of sight is blocked by another turret (even though the projectiles can go through the turret).
- Fixed switching a sub making its preview image disappear from the submarine switch menu.
- Fixed an issue where the client was adding mission rewards into the bank on their screen causing desync.
- Fixed item assemblies still getting misaligned when saving.
- Fixed crashing when there's no audio device available (no speakers/headset connected) and a character enters water.
- Fixed crashing when trying to save an item assembly with a space at the end of the name.
- Fixed crashing when a character tries to operate a turret from outside the sub.
- Fixed submarine name being set to a truncated value in the submarine save dialog if the submarine name text at the top of the screen gets truncated, leading to a crash if you try to save the sub with that name.
- Fixed devices whose power consumption is set to 0 not working when not connected to a grid.
- Fixed outpost NPCs choosing the item to spawn for the device they're operating randomly, occasionally causing them to for example load reactors with volatile rods.
- Clients replicate sending chat messages to wifi components in mp. Fixes radio-linked wifi components not receiving the signals client-side.
- Fixed tab menu staying open during loading screens.
- Signal components' and terminals' sprites don't mirror horizontally in mirrored subs (what's a DNA, RO, ROX or XEGER component??).
- Fixed inability to rewire any docking ports in outpost levels, even if the port is not docked with anything (should only apply to the port docked with the outpost).
- Fixed "Ignore This" orders being wiped when loading an existing multiplayer campaign save.
- Fixed abyss area being very small in the Aphotic Plateau, preventing the abyss monster from reaching you if you go deep enough.
- Fixed status monitor displaying small amounts of water as 1% even though water detectors output 0%.
- Fixed autopilot conflicting with VELOCITY_IN inputs (now signals override the autopilot for 1 second).
- Fixed ConversationAction getting interrupted when opening an input-blocking menu in single player.
- Fixed sprite bleed in chaingun ammunition boxes.
- Fixed appearance of specific named NPCs being inconsistent (e.g. Captain Hognose sometimes being a woman or not having an eyepatch).
- Fixed certain scripted events getting stuck if you switch characters in single player (e.g. the events that require you to interact with fliers on the wall).
- Fixed crashing when the source of a rope is removed (e.g. when a latcher despawns while latched on to the sub).
- Fixed votes always going through if no-one votes.
- Fixed energy drink giving x10 more haste when used via the health interface.
- Fixed the monster spawns for the new game plus not working (currently a placeholder set).
- Fixed monsters spawning from missions not avoiding the engines.
- Split campaign state networking messages into multiple ones. Previously all the campaign-related data (map state, reputation, upgrades, purchased items, selected missions) was included in the same message, and whenever anything in the data changed, the server would send all of it to clients. This would cause performance and bandwidth issues in some situations, for example when reputation was changing rapidly.
- Fixed some pumps in Kastrull working without power.
- Fixed quick-reloading working incorrectly when trying to reload from a stack that doesn't fully fit in the weapon (e.g. when double clicking on a full stack of revolver rounds with a half-loaded revolver in hand).
- Fixed inability to quick-reload weapons with more than 1 inventory slot (e.g. autoshotgun).
- Fixed outpost NPCs having x3 more health than they should.
- Fixed morbusine not killing NPCs with higher-than-default health.
- Fixed graphics errors when using Razer Cortex overlay.
- Fixed bots being unable to repair Winterhalter's top hatch.
- Fixed server crashing if you disable all mission types and try to start a mission round.
- Fixed Chinese/Japanese/Korean text not wrapping properly on terminals.
- Fixed bots sometimes walking towards a wall or holding the ladders when they are idling.
- Fixed "main docking port" property not being taken into account when placing outposts (= the outpost was placed with the assumption that the docking port closest to the sub's center is the main docking port). Sometimes caused the outpost to be placed too close to the level walls, preventing the sub from docking with it.
- Fixed ladders not being visible in the sub preview.
- Fixed some UI elements being too large when switching from a large resolution to a smaller one, or vice versa.
- Fixed weapon holder sprite depth.
- Fixed level editor's test mode generating a different level than the editor itself.
- Fixed ballast flora branches that have been disconnected from the root not being considered disconnected after a level transition (allowing them to keep growing).
- Fixed "set default bindings" not doing anything in the settings menu.
- Fixed door/hatch gaps not getting moved when snapping to grid in the sub editor.
- Vertically mirrored beds can't be laid on.
- Fixed wrecked reactors being forced to non-interactable even if made interactable in the sub editor.
- Fixed keybinds shown in the controls tab not refreshing when resetting the binds.
- Hopefully fixed colonies sometimes not including some modules (most often the armory module).
- Fixed ready checks sometimes ending at a slightly different time client-side compared to the server, allowing you to answer the prompt even though the time to answer already ended server-side.
- Fixed large terminal welcome messages going slightly outside the bounds of the listbox.
- Fixed overlapping in the tab menu's mission tab when there's more than one mission selected.
- Fixed fabricators and deconstructors playing the sounds even if they're out of power.
- Fixed occasional "hash mismatch for downloaded mod" errors on Linux.
- Fixed clients occasionally spawning as the old character after they've opted to create a new one. Only happened if the client hadn't died and was still controlling the old character at the end of the round.
- When a client creates a character with a new name, the client's name is changed to match it after they spawn as that character.
- Fixed enabled mods getting disabled when updating them in the mods menu.
- Fixed a rounding error in Sprite.DrawTiled that sometimes caused an extra 1-pixel line on some scaled and flipped structures (e.g. certain wall pieces scaled to 0.6).
- Fixed Orca 2 still using the old chaingun charge time.


- Added "mod lists" which can be used to enable/disable sets of mods more easily.
- Option to choose which local mod(s) to add a submarine to when saving one in the submarine editor.
- Mods can be unsubscribed from by right-clicking on them in the mod list, and it's possible to unsubscribe from multiple ones at the same time by using ctrl+click or shift+click to select more than one.
- Local mods can be merged in the mod list by selecting the ones you want to merge and selecting "merge all selected" from the right-click context menu.
- Better filtering in the mod list: option to only show local mods, Workshop mods, published mods, submarines and/or item assemblies.
- Added "SameInventory" spawn position type to status effects (allows spawning items in the same inventory the entity applying the effect is in).
- Added support for multiple light components in wearables.
- Fixed permanent stats given by talents not getting synced to clients in multiplayer (doesn't affect any vanilla talents).
- Fixed nullref exception when trying to trigger a location type change to a type that doesn't exist (doesn't happen in the vanilla game).
- Added an extra tag to the "canned heat" talent to make it easier to add custom upgradeable tanks that aren't compatible with vanilla tools.
- Option to make status effects drop the items contained inside the target item (usage example in the duffel bag).
- Level object, cave and mineral commonness can be defined based on the biome instead of the level generation parameters (= no need to define commonness for "coldcavernsbasic", "coldcavernsmaze" etc separately).
- Option to define ConversationAction texts directly in the event xml (instead of having to always define them in a spearate text file).
- Extended CustomInterface functionality with NumberInput elements that allow using float values ("numbertype") and defining the increment size ("step") the number of decimal places ("decimalplaces"). (Thanks, mLuby!)
- Implemented <clear/> element for removing all the child elements of an element in a variant file.
- TriggerComponent now supports negative forces: negative force value will cause the it to pull triggerers towards it.
- Multiple TriggerComponent properties can now be modified through signals and CustomInterface components.

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Be sure to know the RULES before posting or playing on any of our servers. We have no tolerance for toxic/disrespectful people. You have been warned.

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Ride the Best, or Die like the Rest


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