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« on: August 07, 2016, 08:15:22 AM »

this is a WIP.
 i will slowly add more topics and start linking stuff. if you have anything you think should
be added to the FAQ feel free to post. if accepted i will delete your post and edit this one
with the info ( and credit you at the bottom).

Downloading and Installing the Game

Where do i get the game?
Always check this post: The links will always be up to date

Im missing a file...
Disable your antivirus, they sometimes dont like the exe/bat files

My Anti-Virus says your game has a virus/trojan!
If you downloaded it from this forum then its a false positive. disable your anti-virus.
If you downloaded from other source, use the SFV file when available, or download again with a link from here

When will you update? / Theres an update out, did you know?
We know when updates come out, we will update when we get a chance and so long
as there is no major bugs (duping etc.

Technical issue/support

It says I can donate to get a reserved slot, how much do i need to donate?
At the moment and donation will get you access to the reserved slots,
in the future it will be 1€ or 2€ per month.

I keep getting kicked for high ping, can you raise the limit?
No, allowing higher ping players in impacts gameplay.

My steam auto updated (legit owners only)
1) Go to your Steam Library.
2) right click "7 Days to Die" select "Properties"
3) Go to tab "BETAS"
4) Under "Select the beta you would like to opt in" choose "alpha XX.X stable"
5) Close "Properties"
wait till Steam re-downloads XX.X and you've successfully downgraded! you can now join Kortal's XX.X Server again.

I formatted my PC/changed computers, can i get my account back?
no only people who have the paid game can


When do you wipe the server?
At the beginning of each Alpha, so A13, A14, A15 etc. mid alpha wipes are very rare.

Im new, what do i do?
Follow the in-game tutorial, then explore and if you want build a base

I want a team but nobody will join me :(
Play solo for a while, once your established in the community you will naturally
run into other like minded players, teaming up requires trust, trust takes time :)

Do you have Teamspeak?

Where are all the animals?
as players explore the map animals spawn, so head away from the center to find animals.
the key is to keep exploring and they WILL spawn

I want to start again, is there a way to delete my character?
generally No. from time to time we can. but this can take a while to do.

credits for answers go to
@mapletune @gsxman @kortal (for his sneaky edit)

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