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Hurtworld - Game Changelog
« on: January 17, 2016, 10:02:00 PM »

Fixed Raid Drill being disassembleable on the other side of walls
Fixed Raid Drill not being disassembleable if not authorised on a territory
Fixed problem where Raid Drills would detach on loading a savegame
Fixed Raid Drills being damaged on the other side of walls by dynamite

$VERSION (21-JUL-2016)
Added Raid Drill, a new raiding tool craftable in the workbench. Attach this to structures, and insert gasoline and coolant, to slowly drill through the wall. Will sometimes jam, which will cause it to quickly heat up and require unjamming. Don't let the temperature get too high or the machine will explode!
Added structural decay - structures in unclaimed territory will slowly decay over time if they have not been modified for a given amount of time. Under the hood, a structure will select a random attachment every `structuredecayfrequency` seconds, and do `structuredecaydamage` damage to it.
Added console command `structuredecayenabled <bool>` - enable or disable structural decay. Default is enabled (1).
Added console command `structuredecayfrequency <seconds>` - the amount of time between decay damage. Default is 5 minutes (600).
Added console command `structuredecaydamage <min> <max>` - the range of damage done when decaying a structure. Default is 5-10.
Added console command `structuredecaymodifytime <seconds>` - the amount of time a structure must be unmodified before it begins to decay. Default is 24 hours (86400).
Added console command `structureframepacketlimit` - this will throttle the speed at which your server will send structures to connecting clients. Default is 200.
Improved removal point visualisation to show a ghost of the object you are removing
Fixed incorrect timeout issue when downloading structure data
Adjusted loadbalancer costs - if you have low server FPS after this patch and have increased your loadbalancerframebudget, consider lowering it again.
Added 5 new music tracks
Added new workbench category - "Raiding" - which contains all items relating to raiding. C4 has been moved to this category.
Added new items - Rough Diamond, Diamond Dust, Diamond Saw, Cut Diamond, Tokar Acid, Raid Drillbit, Raid Drill Motor, Raid Drill Base, Raid Drill
Fixed pillbox being immune to C4 due to it being on the wrong physics layer

$VERSION (14-JUL-2016)
Improved load message feedback when joining a server
Improved structure load times when joining a server
Improved disconnect times
Fixed autowipe receiving an incorrect path
Mods that fail to load will no longer be listed as a dependency in the savegame
You can now force a savegame to load when there are missing mod dependencies. USE WITH CAUTION AS THIS MAY BREAK SAVEGAMES. Use the `forceload` command in your autoexec.

$VERSION (4-JUL-2016)
Fixed missing bottom on 2m concrete foundation
Teleport command can now take Steam IDs as parameters
Enforced protocol versions more - you will no longer be able to connect to older/newer servers through the console
Fixed structures sometimes failing to load in busy servers, due to BitStreams not being pooled correctly
Itemslots will now show if they are locked or one-way
Fixed error message for failing to load mods
Added support for custom 4-wheeled vehicles from the modding SDK (see
Fixed structure damage cracks not displaying when a structure is damaged

The Shack now costs 50 wood instead of 100
Fixed trapdoors not being placeable
Fixed chat incorrectly filtering messages
Fixed console throwing an exception with an empty message

$This update will enforce a wipe and is not backwards compatible. This is necessary for the new modding support.
Construction Attachment Points will now show possible rotations
Changelog was overhauled to format better and alert when new updates have been created
Added support for custom mods, including Construction Packs. Mod makers will now be able to create new sets of attachments. Servers can opt in to a Construction Pack, and clients will automatically download it upon joining. See for information for server owners on installing Construction Packs.
Fixed issue where zero-health attachments could be invincible
Fixed issue where explosions could send unnecessary updates to clients
Fixed issue where construction rotations were mangled and unmangled in savegames
Fixed issue where attachment points would sometimes show up when they didn't have sufficient weight, due to rotations not stacking correctly
Possible fix for "Structures taking too long to load" kick issue, where shared timing objects could have been causing erratic behaviour
Changes to doors to allow for slightly more convenient Oxide modding
Fixed issue with the spears vehicle flipping ability (right click). Hit detection now directly lines up with crosshair.
Fixed issue with how explosions apply forces. Explosive force will now effect each physics object only once.
Fixed issue with Vehicle depenetration force limit being overwritten (no more vehicle launching from resource nodes and other objects).
Fixed issue with Vehicles ignoring the depenetration limit when overlapping with players (no more launching vehicles by ducking under them)
Added 'savepath <absolutePath>' command. You can now specify the path where your server will load and save savegames
Added 'loadmod <workshopID> (<workshopID> ...)' command. Use this command to add a mod(s) to the server. This command can only be run before hosting a game.
Put in guard against unicode names that are not displayable in Hurtworld      

$VERSION (31-MAY-2016)
Fixed exploit where ownership stakes could be placed within rocks in certain situations, due to crouch height not being calculated properly
Fixed issue where signs could be placed in incorrect locations
Fixed issue where multiple terrains would not be able to be baked in the navmesh for custom maps
Removed several memory allocations in level load and instantiation, to speed up level load
Made max ping kick not start before players finish loading the level, to prevent players incorrectly being kicked for high ping
Made workbenches more memory efficient
Fixed issue with `structurecomplexitylimit` command
Fixed issue where huge saves could not save properly in some situations
Added `sendbuffersize <value>` command. If you get warnings about your sendbuffer being full, consider setting this value to a higher number.
Added `networktimeoutdelay <value>` command. This is the amount of seconds a server will wait before kicking a player it considers disconnected. If players are unable to connect to your server, consider setting this value higher.
Doubled drop rate of loot crates in Diemensland
Fixed issue where starvation damage wouldn't trigger the damage sound effect
Changed trapdoor to be a subcategory of doors
Added four new music tracks

$VERSION (23-MAY-2016)
Added Buttress construction item
Added two new types of Pillar
Added Trap Door construction item
Added Single Door construction item
Added Single Doorway construction item
Added Pillbox construction item
Added Fireplace construction item
Added free standing Torch construction item (built similar to the Sign - just equip a torch item and look at the ground)
Updated Wall Torch model and texture
Added visibility indicator for construction prefab placement
Changed Build Limits to be different for different items. There are now three categories of build limit: structural, machines, and plants. These limits are independent of each other.
Doubled the default structural build limit - you will now be able to build bigger bases
Fixed issue where plants would place incorrectly on structures and machines
Made Fire Pit collider consistent between server and client
Altered workbench collider to be more consistent with its shape
Fixed sign refund
Improved UI at low resolutions
Significantly improved performance of skybox in complex maps
Improved validation on Ownership Stakes
Admins are now immune to AFK kicks
Fixed issue with plant serialization where plants would despawn after several server reloads
Added Deferred Rendering (enabled in Options > Graphics). This may significantly improve performance on some graphics cards, and will significantly improve fidelity when multiple light sources are on screen.
Fixed mismatched colliders on Owrongs
Added four new music tracks
Fixed issue where the player slid down ladders over time
Significantly improved player connection time to servers with lots of buildings
Significantly improved server RAM overhead for structures
Added Shack construction item, built in the Workbench. The Shack is an early-game, small structure that can be built in the starting zone. It will last for 48 hours before destroying itself. You may respawn at your shack once every 20 minutes. You may only have one Shack at a time. The Shack may be chopped down with axes over a fairly long period of time - it is not a place for completely secure storage.
Machines will now remember if they were turned on or not over server restarts
Put in command to disable autosaves (autosaveenabled <value>)
Made C4, Landcrab Mines and Poison Traps placeable within NoBuild zones
Fixed ownership stake smoke LODing out too early
Fixed bug in explosions where C4 would do damage to the wrong attachment pieces, sometimes decimating whole bases
Configured armor for construction pieces. Wood will die to any c4 blast, stone will take about 1.5 blasts iron will take 3+
Increased detcap spawn rate by 3x
Configured blast resistances based on construction volume, smaller objects of the same material will take less damage to destroy
Decreased the material costs for C4 slightly
Roof pieces are now much cheaper
Doors and windows have a similar blast resistance to wood walls
Garage doors have armor similar to rock

$VERSION (26-APR-2016)
C4 and Ownership Stakes no longer care about build limits
Changed signs so they are no longer chopped, but now dissasembled
Fixed structurecomplexitylimit command not working in autoexec.cfg
Fixed structures being culled before their contents, structures will now draw at a longer distance, stakes and storage containers will cull at a much shorter range
Fixed being able to look through walls by staring at the ground with high FOV
Fixed small floors not being placable next to doorways
Fixed machine wrench not checking if a player was authorised on a stake properly. This caused some players to be unable to disassemble machines when they were authorised in a territory.
Fixed vehicle wrench giving a "bad hit" response on vehicles
Fixed machines placing at strange angles, and sometimes through walls. Placement angles were not being properly synchronised between server and client.
Fixed bug where respawning in the edge of map radzone made you immune to that radiation.
64 bit Linux Dedicated server should now be working

VERSION (22-APR-2016)
Added new playerlootmode - 4: Destroys all items on death.
Added item Machine Wrench for disassembling machines. Machines are no longer removed with the construction hammer.
Added item Wall Torch - similar to old torch in construction menu, but freely placeable.
Construction System V2 - complete rework of the construction system. New attachments, textures, UI. Includes stairs, ladders, windows, roofs, and much more.
Explosions are now more physically based
Structures now have health and can take damage from C4 explosions
Added Steam Workshop support for custom maps - you won't need to download them any more.

VERSION (18-MAR-2016)
Reenabled autowipe
Added featured community servers
Added minimize button to chat winow, next to scroll buttons

VERSION (18-MAR-2016)
Fixed pitcher plant placement and despawn
Fixed issue where binary effects wouldn't stack properly in the interface
Added proper configuration for Sunscreen binary effect
Made construction menu usable at low resolutions
Added vehicle unclaim button to player inventory - you can now unclaim your car at any time by going into your inventory, clicking the cog icon, and clicking "Unclaim Current Vehicle"
Fixed missing salt flats in Diemensland
Fixed blast furnace low lod texture
Made signs in claimed territories only editable by authorised players
Fixed shader issue with sky not displaying correctly on OpenGL
Increased vehicle maximum cap in Diemensland
Added community made map - arena_valley by Anthony Cuellar!

VERSION (9-MAR-2016)
Major refactor to the way maps are loaded to support the Map SDK. Player made maps can now be loaded into the engine.
Added ambient sounds for each biome, and day/night
Added 3 new ambient music tracks
Added writable signs
Added guard for players getting below terrain
Added crosshair progress indicator when mining resource nodes
Fixed issues with mouse remapping
Fixed an issue where placing construction items while jumping could push you through walls
Added Blizzard weather event, which will make you much colder if you're out in the open
Improved UI performance
Made pistol significantly cheaper
Added ambient visual effects for Forest and Arctic biomes (leaves and snow)
Made structures have a distance based LOD as well as screen space, to improve client performance
Changed drill placement so the construction item itself enforces the exclusion distance - you will not be able to place drills close to each other
Made ownership stake smoke significantly more efficient
Made ownership stakes only begin smoking 20 minutes from their deathorisation
The Goat's Mangler wheel can now be shot out properly
Cars are now can't be claimed if they're not drivable (have 4 wheels, engine, gearbox)
Cars are now able to be dissasembled with the Wrench if they are claimed, at a slower rate than unclaimed cars
Disassembled cars now drop better loot
Vastly improved server performance on player connection and disconnection
Improved 3rd person crouched bow pose
Infamy will now not be reduced by death
Added a Binary Effects display to the hotbar (e.g. Burning, Hypothermia, Starving, etc)
Added Binary Effects visuals for Burning, Wet, and Poisoned
Being an outlaw will now make your nametag red for other players
Added AFK kicker - players will be kicked automatically if they are detected as inactive. You can set this with afkkicktime <seconds> (default is 15 minutes)
Fixed issue where savegames could fail to save player progress if they took too long to disconnect
Upgraded to Unity 5.3.2p4
Fixed a major server side performance issue when sending new objects to clients
Added new console command bakenavmesh <map> which will create a new AI navmesh for player made maps
Disabled some APIs being used to fake player numbers
Made gunsmoke less intensive on FPS
Extended server and client FPS readouts to format <average> (<min> - <max>) , the min and max show the fastest and slowest frame across the sample. Helping debug fps spikes.
Added force single threaded renderer launch option, some machines see a large drop in input latency with this set. Framerates will be slightly lower, but overall feels tighter to me.
Fixed some scenarios where the shotgun would get into a broken state and keep reloading
Improved vehicle exits to make them less likely to push players through walls
Fixed an issue where placing an ownership stake while there was currently one deauthorising would make that stake not work

VERSION (5-FEB-2016)
Vehicles use drastically less CPU while not being driven
Added no-building zones to all roads
Added decay to ownership stakes. Stakes will now require Amber or they will deauthorise. More info on this below.
Added ownership to vehicles. You can now claim one vehicle.
Added decay to vehicles. Unclaimed vehicles will be destroyed over time.
Added Wrench. This item can be used to disassemble vehicles, which will drop a loot crate.
Fixed issue where moving an item into a full inventory from a temporary storage would destroy that item
Added new Goat wheel - the Mangler
Added new Roach wheel - the Toretto
Adjusted think speeds on most objects, and adjusted how they report costs. This should fix issues in high-pop servers where FPS was high but there were significant delays in things being processed by the load balancer.
Changed how AI path around buildings - this should hopefully stop animals running through walls
Made spawning weather perform much better
Added more tools for debugging performance
Fixed jitter on Server Browser scrollbar
Added server IP binding - use the bindip <ip> command.
Updated localisation
Added scrollable chat
Changes to Ownership Stakes

You can place a maximum of 5 amber in a stake, that will be very slowly consumed. The default time per amber is 24 hours, although this is configurable by server owners. This means that, by default, an unattended ownership stake will deauthorise in 5 days. Slow servers should probably increase this time, and fast servers decrease it. Once the stake is low on amber, it will create a plume of red smoke, visible from far away, and start making a warning noise. Once the stake has run out of amber, it will deauthorise everyone, unclaim the land, do a slow countdown to destruction and eventually destroy itself. While it's destroying, you can place another stake to claim the land or destroy/build freely. This creates player-driven decay, as you can go around clearing old abandoned bases for easy resources. Be wary though - it could be a trap! We think the cost is reasonable enough that even solo players should be able to maintain a few bases fairly easily, if they play every couple of days. It should hopefully also create some areas of contention around large bases that become abandoned and unclaimed.
##For Server Owners##

If you're a server owner, and decide NOT to wipe, all old ownership stakes will be maintained and filled with 5 amber when you reload the save. You can set the total time it takes a full ownership stake to deauthorise with the stakedeauthtime <seconds> command in your autoexec.cfg.
Changes to Vehicles

Every player can now own one vehicle. You can do this by opening up it's inventory, and clicking the CLAIM button up the top right. Anyone can drive a claimed car, and modify it's inventory. Claimed cars won't despawn if left alone. Unclaimed cars WILL destroy themselves if left alone. The default time this takes is 3 hours. You can also manually disassemble unclaimed cars with a new item - the Wrench. Disassembled cars will drop loot! This should mean cars recycle, so one clan doesn't end up with all of the coolest chassis, while everyone else has to coast around with that one Sharkweek bumper. The Wrench provides a new source of farm by allowing players to harvest old chassis that had a bad loot roll or are just unneeded. This will make the best chassis reachable by even a late-entry or solo player. I like the idea of claiming one vehicle and feeling that it’s yours and a personal possession, rather than your clan having every chassis in the game in their garage.
##For Server Owners##

Again, if you're a server owner, and decide NOT to wipe, cars will NOT decay until you do, or until you manually set the vehicle decay time with the command vehicledecaytime <seconds>. Your garages are safe. Any save created before Fri, 05 Feb 2016 06:00:00 GMT will not have vehicle decay enabled.

Drill Proximity Changes

Drills now have a reduced yield if placed within 10 meters of another powered drill. The total yield of all drills in range of eachother will be roughly 1 + (count-1)*0.3,
In other words, 2 drills are only 30% better than one drill if they are in range of eachother.
This means you need more space to run drills, with the upkeep changes on stakes, land is a bit more expensive to keep.
To make up for some of this drills the base yield is twice as fast (30 seconds).
Drills now have 3 tiers

Drill A

Cost: 50 Titranium, 50 Stone, 10 Amber
The first tier must be placed in the forest, dunes or starting biome. This now yields Rock, Iron, Titranium and Coal.
Drill B

Cost: 50 Mondinium, 50 Stone, 10 Amber
This must be placed in the Red Desert and yields Rock, Iron and Mondinium
Drill C

Cost: 50 Ultranium, 50 Stone, 10 Amber
This must be placed in the arctic biome and yields Rock, Iron and Ultranium.

To me the logic behind these changes seems pretty obvious, for the people who think we just throw changes at a wall and see what happens I will explain it here.
Drills used to be a way to avoid progressing through the game. Combined with dynamite you could completely bypass having to deal with pushing through the tougher biomes and just get everything you need.
One of the design principals we are working towards is: Make stuff hard the first time you do it, but give options to invest in making it easier.
Drills fill this gap with mining in that they don't give you anything you don't already have (as they mine the resource used to craft them), they just make it so you can opt to remove the grindyness of mining if you want to. Manual mining should be faster unless you invest a shitload in land to automate the mining of large quantities.
Having 3 tiers that are locked to biomes stops the drill being a way to bypass parts of the progression, but a way to automate some of the repetitive work once you have passed the gearcheck of the biome and gathered the resources the drill yields manually.

VERSION (28-JAN-2016)
Fixed reconnecting sometimes getting through walls via vehicles
Fixed being kicked from vehicles when the server is laggy, this won't fix the laggyness it will only stop you getting booted during lag spikes.
Added some ballistics sanity checks to ensure hits are valid for when bugs happen
Fixed being able to shoot from cars using emotes
Fixes for chat color codes, split chat into server/client.
Fixed vehicle inventory item slots not destroying when they didn't exist.
Added maxping properly to server browser
Put in more checks for starting emotes
Made blacklist continually update
Put in guard against save thread failure
Made doors openable by anyone in unclaimed territory
Made traps not collide with player
Vastly improved performance of server browser

VERSION (17-JAN-2016)
Fixed storage chest refund
Added chat logging to servers
Fixed Medusa Vines destroying themselves
Fixed items getting destroyed if dragged into a non-existent item slot

VERSION (16-JAN-2016)
Added pistol
Added a quick dirty inaccuracy to guns, movement speed and firing in rapid succession both contribute to an inaccuracy factor. Its by no means the changes I plan to implement for recoil, however its the best I could do in an hour with no sleep. Hopefully it makes guns slightly less OP.
Split pistol, bolt and AR to different ammo types
Added animal masks that is a rare drop from each respective creature
Added bor backpacks
Added Russian Hat
Added Landcrab Mine
Added Poison Trap
Added Medusa Vine
Added storage chest (20 slots)
Goat now has its own engine, wheels and gearbox slot type
Vehicle parts can no longer be removed from vehicles once added
Vehicles no longer spawn with parts in them, you must find them in loot caches
Town loot caches respawn twice as fast and have a higher upper limit count
Reworked most of the loot cache loot table, det caps + wheels are more common
Fixed hovercars
Ownership stakes can no longer be picked up by a hammer and must be destroyed with an iron axe or better
Static construction prefabs now refund a percentage of their cost
Sombrero is now craftable
Added mask face slot to character
Drills no longer mine metals above iron, this is a temp fix until I have time to balance them better
Gasoline recipe now makes 3 instead of 5
Sunscreen now provides 50 sun protection instead of 100
Aussie Hat now provides 50 sun protection instead of 120
Aussie hat costs more
Skater hat now reduces fall damage by 50%
Flannel costs slightly more
Ownership stakes now need to be placed at ground level or on a rock
Fixed ownership stakes interaction volume being too tall and sometimes poking through the roof of buildings
Reduced interaction distance from 5 to 3 meters
Made storage locker more expensive to craft
Decreased leather drop rate

We were finally able to reproduce how people were getting through walls and doors! This has been around since day 1, but the people exploiting it were keeping it quiet.
Dare I say this might be the patch that finally makes bases secure. You guys are pretty crafty so thats probably not true.
Fixed bug caused by unity character collider being able to pass through other objects when its height changes.
Fixed bug in vehicle exit raycast that would allow you to pass through a wall when the bottom of a roach was right up against a wall
Fixed shift clicking on items in inventory not going to hotbar

Totems must now be placed near ground level to stop flying unraidable bases (Rocks don't count)
Fixed an exploit where vehicles when rotated on their end would kick players forward. This was being used to get through walls.
Added (P) to player names on kill as a quick fix to show who died from hypothermia vs the bloke named hypothermia
Fixed a very rare scenario where ownership stakes could be placed into a rock still.
Reduced entity stat tick rate of nodes that don't really need it (Server performance)
Fixed a bug where shift clicking an item with a full inventory could destroy it
Added more verbose logging onto rcon use

VERSION (9-JAN-2016)
Fixed an exploit where people could re-log to stand up when under a rock
Fixed an exploit for the text tag filter using nested tags

Fixed people spawning at random totems occasionally

VERSION (9-JAN-2016) Official servers will be down for 30 mins while we update our process manager
Merged savegame files into a single file. New format is roughly 1 40th the size of the old one. Existing saves should be loaded fine.
Fixed names not showing on ownership stakes until after they have logged in since restart
Improved performance of doors serverside
Doors no longer teleport you out of their bounds when closing, instead they fail to close and open again if someone is blocking them. This should solve rock exploits.
Fixed an exploit where vehicles could be used to get inside foundations and rocks
Added configuration value "spawnercellupdatesperframe". This will increase the number of spawner cells that are processed per frame it used to be 5 and is now 10, 5 was far too slow. Increasing it may destroy server performance but will speed up the spawner delay when moving to a new area.(edited)
Added "maxping" server setting, set in milliseconds to lock out any players with a higher average ping
Fixed emote car exploit / bug
Added ability to set spawn location on ownership stake, if none are set you will spawn on the beach (Stakes are not teleporters)
Fixed sanitizing of rich text tags in names

VERSION (26-DEC-2015) (Server only)
Fixed quit command
Added a quick solution to executing commands on a running server without connecting to it (proper rcon coming soon)
To use this place a file called runtimeexec.cfg in the root game directory. Every 10 seconds the game will check for, execute and delete this file.
Each line will be executed in console sequentially

VERSION (23-DEC-2015)
Fixed players becoming invincible
Removed a buttload of debug messages from the server
Fixed severs trying to send voice chat to combat logged players

VERSION (23-DEC-2015)
You can no longer stand up from crouch if there is no space to do so. This should prevent a lot of exploits around getting into rocks / through base walls
Infamy will now not count empty slots as a drop
Infamy will now drop 2 slots if you are an Outlaw
Shadows can now be turned off entirely (set distance to 0)
Vehicle parts are no longer protected items and will drop on death
Steam names and chat will now be stripped of Rich Text tags
Added anti-spam filter to chat. To set the allowed chat budget per player, use "chatspambudget <value>". Default is 500.
Fixed shutdown command
Players can no longer join a server while it is shutting down
Fixed construction hammer sometimes breaking the UI
Server admins can now ban words in chat. Create a list of banned words in "bannedwords.txt", in the same location as your autoexec
Server admins can now mute players in chat. Use "mute <steamID> <seconds>"
Servers can now disable connection and death notices in chat. Use "chatconnectionmessagesenabled <value>" and "chatdeathmessagesenabled <enabled>" respectively
Fixed unbanning players not persisting across server restarts

VERSION (19-DEC-2015) (Server Only)
Fixed full servers reporting over max players to steam

VERSION (19-DEC-2015)
Fixed some EAC installer issues
Fixed the command line arguments being passed to the game
Fixed interaction colliders on doors being glitchy
Fixed serverstatus command
Server update is recommended

VERSION (19-DEC-2015)
This update includes Easy Anti Cheat and includes better server browser information about wipes.
If you open the browser you'll notice the wipe schedule column. This shows how long since wipe, and if scheduled, how long until wipe.
autowipe <0/1>
wipeinterval <seconds>

Full Change List
Added EAC
Fixed some performance issues related to shitloads of drills eventually killing server FPS
Made door colliders thicker to prevent people glitching through them
Fixed the ability to place ownership stakes inside rocks
Fixed AuthTicketAlreadyUsed again (hopefully properly this time)

VERSION (10-DEC-2015)
Added timer to respawn - if you are authorised at an ownership stake, your respawn time will increase by <IncreaseOnDeath(default 10)> seconds every time you die. You respawn time will fall down back to 10 seconds over time. These values are configurable per server. spawncooldown <FalloffSpeed> <IncreaseOnDeath> - see wiki for details
Added combatlogtimeout server setting, players will stay in the game for <default(10)> seconds after they disconnect, you can't reconnect while your dummy is still in game (this is not the best solution but will do for now)
Added ability to ban players by SteamID (ban <steamid64>, unban <steamid64>)
Fixed groundsliding bug
Fixed megajump exploit
Tweaked the town crate loot tables a bit
Fixed storms only happening once per restart
Moved doors from deferred spawn to instant spawn on client
Fixed vehicles falling through the world / moving around while idle (this turned out to be a bug in physx so is pretty hard to nail down completely, looks to be stable now though)
Changed server browser to handle high number of servers, as well as implemented favorites.
Fixed some issues with spawners where vehicles and loot could stop spawning
Added no-build zones to relics that were missing them
Removed stupily high sun protection from T-Shirts

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