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LiF: changelog
« on: November 18, 2014, 09:29:05 PM »

Patch notes (ver. 16/03/16
New features and tweaks:
Added some environmental and character jumping sounds
Added alchemy ingredients inventory tooltips. You can now see what effects are unlocked for your character not only via alchemy screen
Slightly Increased war stance sprinting speed
Tweaked ranged weaponry and bombs a little
Bug fixes:
Greatly reduced “morning lag”, which mostly happened to trees growth calculations. Stay tuned for our new trees growth algorithm that should eliminate necessity for server admins to reduce trees amount in their worlds manually.
Fixed a server crash related with wild animals AI
Eliminated sky flickering, which happened on some hardware
Fixed some GUI disappearance bugs
Fixed a bug that prevented the ability to place furniture on the higher floors of your buildings
Fixed a bug where you could “overrepair” your weapons with “Maintain” ability

Patch notes (ver. 20/02/16
New features and tweaks:
Added visible changes for all four in-game seasons
Added many decorative objects that can be used to increase the beauty of your settlement
Added a herbal garden, which can be used to grow certain types of herbs
Implemented auto-repeat functionality in most crafting abilities. You can modify a certain tag (autocraft - possible/always/none) in skill_types.xml
Provided more rendering optimization (mostly forest related)
Added more visually appealing wind effects on trees
You can unequip an item with a double click
Tweaked the amount of white meat gained from rabbits and chicken
Updated multiple architecture models (Kitchen, Carpenter’s Shop, Warehouse etc.)
You can now move items quickly in Alchemy window via Ctrl+Click
Minor weapons tweaks

Bug fixes:
Particles now use GPU instead of CPU. This should provide a significant boost of frame rates in most cases
Significantly optimized horse collision detection model. This should provide a significant performance boost on servers and clients
Fixed tunnel materials generation bug
Fixed tunnel selection functionality (when holding Right Mouse button and targeting a tunnel wall)
Object demolition that results in ruins should no longer significantly freeze a server
Horse movement should look smooth now
Piercing bolt ability does no longer allow to shoot through obstacles
Volley ability AoE area is now correctly displayed (arrows will actually hit that area now)
Fixed alchemy achievement (Herbalist-Chemist) incorrect calculations. Players are able to properly unlock that achievement now
Multiple GUI fixes
Fixed inventory icon positions being shifted in certain conditions
A proper message will appear if you don’t have enough arrows while triggering Volley ability
Weight limit no longer applies on players in GM mode
An unfinished Monument will no longer decay at a fast rate

Patch notes (ver. 28/01/16
Despite extensive local QA tests, one particular crash circumstance was not detected and leaked into the recent patch. This current hotfix should fix that issue.
Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for understanding!

Patch notes (ver. 28/01/16
New features and tweaks:
Boosted formations, increasing their size. Bonuses in a full 10 man unit can be up to +50%!
Lowered bleeding rates
Boosted almost all one-handed weapons damage rates
Maul attack speed animation reduced (mauls will be slower now)
Added sorting in crafting and building/objects construction dialogues
Guild name and title are now shown in a character screen (P)
Implemented borderless fullscreen video option
Some crafting actions now check ingredients prerequisites before actually starting crafting ability
Sling maximum accuracy slightly tweaked
Unsuccessful taming ability still increases your skill
Added Polish localization

Bug fixes:
Fixed stacking luck bonuses bugs
Numerous GUI appearance and logic fixes
Fixed the rare occasion of some characters being unable to join the game, and crashing server during attempt
Fixed a bug that showed some of campfires as “broken”
Fixed music soundtrack switching rules
Ctrl + Click can now be used again to move items to barter window
GUI windows that are outside of the game screen will be shown back on the screen

Patch notes (ver. 30/12/15
New features and tweaks:
Sprinting cooldowns are now scaled along with Agility stat. Higher agility rates allows you to sprint longer and more often now.
Added Polish language localization
Tweaked blocking and parrying speeds slightly
Some minor art fixes and corrections
Bug fixes:
You can now max out stats and skills completely without decimal restrictions
Torch particle emitter works fine now after your draw your torch
Groundcover objects (grass, crops) now properly casts shadows
Audio settings menu no longer disables sound of rain

Patch notes (ver. 24/12/15
New features and tweaks:
    Changed sprinting in war stance mechanics. Duration of sprint is now limited and there is a short cooldown before you can sprint again. From now on you should consider sprint as a short situational dash, rather than something you would constantly use in combat.
    Implemented advanced weather effects including wind affecting trees. Each season will have a certain set of different weather types and each weather type affects the growth rates of trees, cattle and farm harvesting yields. WARNING snow and rain particles can reduce FPS rates on weaker video cards - you can disable them in the Video Options menu.
    Piles of snow are now randomly created in the world during snowy weather (can be disabled via server config). They will melt away during other types of weather, or you can remove them via your terraforming abilities and use the snow as a crafting material for snowballs and snowmen!
    Added motion capture animations of movements with different types of weapons and some other war stance movements
    Implemented large animal traps. Once triggered by stepping on them, players, horses and wild animals receive a moderate amount of damage and are rooted for a short duration of time. Watch your step now!
    Tweaked ballistics of some ranged weaponry, including fire arrows damage versus stone buildings
    Added mass production recipes for charcoal, glass and linen
    You can now rotate the camera while sitting, resting or yielding by holding the “V” button
    Tracking now provides visible footsteps. You can now distinguish by the track the type of animal you are going to find.
    Updated multiple art assets and added craftable snowballs and snowmen that can be used for fun or to craft snow fortresses! ;)
Bug fixes:
    Fixed multiple client side crashes (expect more fixes coming out “soon™”)
    Fixed 1st and 3rd person camera view behavior in some situations
    Fixed network code related bugs where you could see horses and players rubberbanding and jittering for no apparent reason
    Multiple render and visualization related bug fixes
    Fixed some Guild Monument interaction bugs
    Prayer of home return should no longer spawn you on the roof if you have a bed inside the house
    Warhorses can now be properly acquired via GM commands. Horses now breed in stables properly.
    Fixed a bug where some dialogue windows disappeared while still waiting for user action
    You no longer need to manually return to a war stance after you have ran out of breath while in combat
    Fixed terraforming related dupe bug
    Fixed selection targeting issues mostly related with trees selection/highlight
P.S. Server admins/GMs can use console command: /weather snowy to enable snowy weather for a current day.

Patch notes (ver. 17/11/15

Patch notes (ver. 21/10/15
In this patch we address an issue that appears with some users’ hotbars disappearing for no reason. And we’ve fixed multiple crashes, when you chop down trees, if you had disconnected and connected another server before that. We also added some additional debug info about local servers that are unable to start properly.

Patch notes (ver. 14/10/15
New features and tweaks:
    Implemented “disconnect” button, that allows you to disconnect from a certain server in order to connect to another
    Resources that grow on trees (branches, apples, bark etc.) are now properly replenished every game day
    Quality growth while breeding animals is reduced
Bug fixes:

    Significantly reduced visual movement lag of other players and animals
    Fixed local server start sequence with specified password or custom port.
    Added some additional logging to local server start process in order to fix issues that prevent some players to start a local world properly
    Guild members’ personal claims can now be overridden by a Guild Leader, if claimed objects are on the claimed land
    Cocktails and preparations can now be properly traded via barter dialogue without losing their effects
    Fixed cow/bull ratio while breeding them in stables
    Fixed blessings to work properly now
    Using a lance in combat will raise the Lancing skill now, instead of Mounted Fighting Mastery
    Equip maintain ability now works on throwing weapons
    Debug render is now allowed only for GMs
    Volley stamina drain fixed
    You can now fertilize soil tiles up to 100Q with 100Q Dung
    You will now receive alert messages while trespassing on a mount
    Kiln Bellows can now be blown by anyone
    Fixed an exploit that allowed players to raise Warhorse handling without spending anything
    Fixed bug that provided a pupil with a skill when mentor had a lower amount of that skill himself
    Fixed orange angel wings (2 saws with orange texture equipped on the back)
    Diagonal walls blocked tiles pattern changed (removed unnecessary blocked tile)

Patch notes (ver. 06/10/15
New features and tweaks:
    Reworked local server start mechanism completely. You should encounter minimal problems if any at all while performing this action. If you still experience problems while starting local world, please do not hesitate to send a report, when you’re prompted to do so.
    Implemented a player to player direct trading(barter) system. Kudos to Basil!
    Boosted armor to be more effective against certain types of damage and be slightly more vulnerable against other types
    First and 3rd person view cameras should act properly now and avoid “inside mesh” rendering
    Reworked the skill progression formula towards planned concept of fast 30, 60 lvl progression, normal 90 lvl progression and INSANELY hard progression to 100 lvl of a skill. We will observe your feedback along with server side logs to tune that formula more precisely at a later stage
    Many melee weapons have been rebalanced
    Poisons and poisoned weapons nerfed significantly
    Empty bottles should stay in your Inventory after drinking a cocktail
    ‘Pour on the ground’ can now be done without a shovel, but it will take 50% more time
    Amount of crop yields has been doubled
    Added straw as an edible food in stables, removed taproot as an edible in stables. Lowered the amount of apples on trees. Added some new random player spawn points to decrease the possibility of spawning in the same spot.
    Non-tunneling terraforming actions are now available on claims during JH
    Create campfire - Create camp, ability renamed, new possibilities added
    Updated probability of finding wild plants
    Decreased growth of oak and pine trees
    Lowered probability of snares catching hares and grouses. We plan to fix/boost in coop breeding speed of rabbits and chickens to compensate that.
Bug fixes:
    Ranged weaponry now properly loses durability in combat
    You should no longer be able to shoot through thin walls and that also should fix pike attack damage detection
    maxHeight for movable objects now works properly inside houses and other buildings
    Hand of Boris and Hand of Ilias should no longer appear in your inventory while increasing/decreasing Unarmed Mastery skill
    You can interact with dead animals on the shore now
    You can no longer bless yourself
    Localized voice over sounds should work properly now
    Ranged weapons now drain stamina properly
    Multiple shield blocking related fixes
    Torches now deal damage to claimed buildings inside claims, while JH is active
    Added short timeouts to most actions, to avoid spamming on server side and other clients
    You can no longer shoot, if you don’t have ammo
    Gamepad developer binds were removed
    Character health is no longer 100/100 when connecting and should show a correct values

Patch notes (ver. 18/09/15
New features:
    You can now switch interface language via Esc menu -> Controls -Interface tab. You’ll need to restart your client to see changes.
    Optimized and tweaked the networking system. You should experience smoother movement of other players, animals and horses on your screen. Your feedback will be much appreciated!
    Implemented Training dummy and Archery range target functionality. You can hit them with your weapons to raise your combat skills now.
    Windmills can now be used to grind wheat “en masse”
    You can use torches as siege weaponry to damage some small or medium buildings in melee range
    Implemented a proper “Prayer for Homecoming” mechanic. You will now appear on a bed inside your house, rather than on the roof. Time to place some beds inside your home and don’t forget about the Feng shui system while doing this :)
Bug fixes:
    Reduced probability of random events while travelling and performing abilities.
    Fixed a crash on client exit
    3rd person view camera should no longer shake with player animations
    Amount of containers (200+ pouches) in your inventory should no longer prevent you from connecting the game
    Incomplete construction sites and ruins now decay properly. Small objects (campfires, furnaces etc) do not leave ruins now.
    You can now open containers inside building containers (for instance: open a bag, that is lying inside a warehouse)
    While carrying a large movable object on your back, entering a war stance will make you drop that object instantly
    Shield bash of a mounted player no longer provides any harmful effects with an infinite duration
    “No more ammo” message will arrive properly now to receiver
    Fixed bow reload speed decreasing while leveling your skill above 30
    “God’s Love” blessing stacking has been removed and you can no longer bless yourself while within the group
    A proper message should appear while inviting an offline player to a unit
    Pike slide message spam has been removed
    Implemented and updated a couple of sounds
    Added emotes cooldown
    Coop and stable windows that failed to reappear after some extended use are now fixed

Patch notes (ver. 09/09/15
    New features:
    Implemented random events functionality. Now, while walking in peace mode or performing different crafting actions, there is a certain chance that a random event will occur. Most of them are harmless and designed to increase your immersion - some of them are positive, while some can be negative and even harmful! Server admins can tweak chances of such events occurring by tweaking world config:
    Implemented body turning inertia. You can no longer instantly make a 180 degree turn. The weight of your equipment affect your turning speed. So a full plate warrior will turn significantly slower than a person not wearing armor.
    Added some realism to swimming mechanics. While swimming on the surface, you will drain your Hard Stamina. While diving underwater, your soft Stamina will be drained (quite fast). If you deplete either of those stamina pools while in the water - you’re dead. The weight of your equipment and Swimming skill value affects how fast these stamina pools will be drained while swimming.
    Implemented new /stuck mechanic. It should free your character if you get into a situation where you cannot move
    Tweaked range and trajectory of ranged weapons projectiles.
    Added/fixed Permadeath world mode. Any character that dies in that mode will be completely removed from the server and you will have to create a new one from the scratch
    Added/fixed Colonization world mode. The aim of that mode is to build a Large Keep as soon as possible. After that, the game turns into sandbox mode.
    Bug fixes:
    Fixed a very elusive bug that prevented some players from interacting properly with objects within the game. Many thanks to Doğan Kuray Güler, Malus, Derek Cassady and Airborne for really helping us fight it!
    A proper horse carcass is now spawned upon rideable horse death
    Fixed a client crash that would sometimes occur while interacting with a hotbar
    Fixed a minor bug where dung quality was calculated improperly if all animals inside coop/barn/stable are dead
    Multiple minor bug fixes

Patch notes (ver. 21/08/15
This current hotfix is dedicated to address a recent rampaging client crash and combat “morning lag” during server morning maintenance.

Patch notes (ver. 20/08/15
New features:
Mentoring for crafting skills and Drill for combat skills are implemented. You need to build a school that will allow one teacher to mentor/drill up to 5 students per in game day
Implemented all mounted and verus mounted abilities and functionality. Inspect your Skill book for details and corresponding abilities
Implemented “Coup de Grace” ability to finish off unconscious players
Implemented a proper repair ability for inventory objects (weapons, armor, tools). It demands some repair kits, but does not lower Maximum Durability that much
Tweaked building abilities, so you can initiate construction on a wider variety of ground types (paved road, rock fragments etc.)
Implemented “Set Up” ability in the Combat Preparations skill. It allows you to place Defensive anti-cavalry fences before a fight. Galloping horses will be heavily damaged or killed if they hit this spiked fence.
Tweaked “Coward!” warcry. It no longer causes a knockdown (only stagger), chance of occurrence is lowered, penalty for shooting accuracy of a victim increased.
Wild animals are now spawned according to their biomes (wild horses on grasslands, predators in woods etc.)
Implemented a proper “Remove Ruins”, which will allow you to remove ruins faster and salvage some materials out of them
Added some sounds for different ingame events
Corrected all in game messages according to proper English language rules
Bug fixes:
Fixed a serious GUI bug when closing dialog message with the

  • button that prevented the appearance of new dialog messages[/li][/list]
    Fixed some bugged house and wicket models that prevented you from entering
    Multiple client side crashes fixed
    Wild animals should no longer be spawned in or run too deep into water
    Lowering Voice chat volume should no longer lower volume of in game sounds (footsteps, animals etc.)
    Fixed AZERTY keyboard related bug with inability to rebind some key bindings
    Fixed an issue with some Yes/No messages and localization
    Fixed some GUI window related bugs that prevented them from being properly closed
    Fixed beehive related bugs and minor exploits
    Horses should now spawn a proper corpse with a proper death animation

    Patch notes (ver. 04/08/15
        New features:
        Partially implemented Character customization system, including female models and reworked male models. Unfortunately, there is no customization available for existing characters. You can create new characters with customization and ask your server admin to copy “appearance” column data from the new character onto the existing one in the server’s Database.
        Added bow and crossbow special powers. Inspect your Skill book for details and corresponding abilities
        Implemented Primary combat skill - War cries. Inspect your Skill book for details and corresponding abilities
        Added multiple mounted and unmounted abilities and functionality. Inspect your Skill book for details and corresponding abilities
        Implemented Secondary combat skill - Equipment maintain. Inspect your Skill book for details and corresponding abilities
        Implemented Secondary combat skill - Battle Survival. Inspect your Skill book for details and corresponding abilities
        Fully implemented Secondary crafting skill - Piety. Inspect your Skill book for details and corresponding abilities. All Pope/Cardinal related mechanics will be developed later after release of LiF:YO.
        After 3 consecutive knockouts you will receive an option to refuse fighting for your life and die. Implemented that feature as a counter to a knockout “rez-killing”
        “Floating log” problem is solved. Server admin can tweak new server setting in world configuration file: movableMaxDropHeightMeters It allows you to restrict the ability of players to hang logs, furniture and other movable objects in the air
        Different types of animals can now be found in different biomes (wolves in woods, horses on grasslands etc.)
        Destroyed unmovable objects leave ruins now. Players need to clean/remove them if they want to use that land again. Ruins decay slower that normal buildings.
        You can now save, load and create new GUI presets via “Controls” option of a menu
        Horse weight now affect its trample power, speed and other attributes
        You can no longer use throwable weaponry while mounted
        Naphtha Pots now require 90 Throwing skill in order to use them
        Closing gatehouse gates can now kill mounted, dismounted players and their horses if they are not careful ;)

        Bug fixes:
        Fixed a serious bug that prevented creation/loading of local worlds
        Fixed client crash upon exit that left client process to hang indefinitely. Some other crashes are possible, but should appear less often
        Fixed multiple client side crashes
        Fixed an exploit that allowed multiple players to harvest crops from the same field simultaneously and receive double or triple yields
        Animals should no longer appear under water
        You can no longer train warhorses out of any domesticated animals (including hares and chicks :) )
        Ctrl+Click on equipped item no longer causes a crash
        Hotbar with equipment bound to them no longer resets that equipment
        Fixed bug where effects were not properly stripped after being dead
        Added some missing sounds
        You can no longer place items into Evil tombstones
        Fixed a bug that used the wrong tool while crafting something in a Blacksmith’s shop
        Fixed incorrect display of ore amounts while melting something in Bloomeries and other similar situations
        Getting hit while blocking with certain weapons will no longer cause you take extremely high damage
        You no longer will be endlessly stunned in some situations
        You can no longer level up your skills on unconscious players. Training dummies and archery range implementation is coming soon.
        Left thigh/shin reporting wrong hit locations is fixed
        Fixed multiple horse related crashes and bugs
        You can no longer loot yourself while knocked out or dead
        Fixed bug where different armor types on feet and legs gave the wrong skill type raise when hit
        Fixed bug where parrying weapons with zero skill caused big damage
        “Do not show this message” checkbox should save its properties properly now
        Server now properly cleans up previous versions of passability maps for AI

    Patch notes (ver. 01/07/15
        New features:
        Mounted combat is implemented. You can use any one handed or Hand-and-a-half weaponry while mounted to slash your foes!
        Lancing is implemented. Lance is the only two handed weapon that can be used while mounted. In order to properly use your lance, you have to coach it by reaching a galloping speed of your horse and holding the Attack button (Left Mouse Button by default). Make sure to release your attack button just before an impact of your lance with your enemy to actually couch it with a full force for a short period of time.
        Pike and polearm weapons now have more stopping power vs mounted players forcing their horses rear on their hind legs. That can cause a forced dismount of a rider
        Added tooltips for abilities in the Skill book and Hotbar
        Unarmed combat mode is activated instantly after depleting all throwable weapons ammo
        Ctrl+click in inventory will transfer a targeted item in your previously opened container. For instance, open your Inventory, open your warehouse, Ctrl + click a couple of items in the warehouse - and they will be moved to your inventory. No drag’n’drop is required. We will disable that functionality for loot bags and gravestones in next patches in order to make combat looting and quick loot longer and harder.
        Ctrl+ Alt+click on an item in container will autostack all similar items into one pile only inside that container
        Player velocity is now taken in account for throwing and ranged weaponry. For instance Javelin will fly further if you run forward while throwing it

        Bug fixes:
        Fixed a client side crash that prevented users from training warhorses
        Visible terrain seams should no longer be that visible anymore
        Knocked down characters now drop movable objects that they were carrying on their backs
        Inventory and Character GUI windows are now properly updated if any values are dynamically changed during gameplay
        Health and Stamina rates of players that you are inviting to a unit are not visible anymore, until they actually accept that invitation
        Watching someone attacking shortly after drawing weapon now doesn't result in playing a bunch of draw animations
        Sounds should no longer loop infinitely at random places
        Fixed and added a couple of sounds for different action
        Fixed incorrect doubling of weight, when moving whole containers (bag, sack, pouch etc.) in inventory
        Fixed a bug when you could parry with ranged weapons
        Some more minor bug fixes
        Fixed some serious client side crashes

    Patch notes (ver. 11/06/15
    New features:
    Added player arm hit detection system that works while performing swings with any weapons
    Added beehives mechanics. Honey can now be extracted from beehives every morning. More about beehives:
    Implemented mead alcohol production
    Repair ability no longer decreases Maximum durability of buildings and objects
    Any 2 handed pole weapon can now be disarmed with unarmed combat
    Changed camera behavior on horses, on foot and in “overlook mode” (hold V)

    Bug fixes:
    Provided a fix for random crashes while connecting and loading other worlds
    Fixed bleeding wounds blood loss speed to more adequate levels
    Horses should properly execute walking and running animations now
    Fixed client crash related with invitation to guild
    Horse sounds should no longer loop after its death

    Patch notes (ver. 05/06/15
    New features:
    Horses mechanics are partially released. You can tame and breed horses and use a new building to train them into warhorses for riding
    Unarmed combat is implemented. It is available for everyone, but it can only be somewhat effective with a high level of Unarmed skill. Disarming of polearm weapons with unarmed parrying has been implemented
    Alcohol brewing crafting chain is implemented. Look out for new Brewing tank object in your construction menu
    The wine press can now be used to squash apples and grapes to produce raw materials for a Brewing Tank
    The cooking pot can be used to produce malt for further beer brewing in a Brewing tank
    You need any bottle of alcohol now to finish creation of your alchemy potion. Alchemy potions are now called “cocktails”
    Cocktails (ex. potions) will now give positive or negative effects upon drinking and can be used to poison your melee weapons
    Placeholder alcohol intoxication (“Full”) visual effect implemented
    Some crafting outfits now provide a significant bonus to several crafting skill values
    Luck now can be increased by wearing jewelry. Luck affects almost all crafting and combat abilities and actions now
    Tamable wild horses now appear in the wilderness
    Bug fixes:
    Fixed a recent bug with some terrain textures appearing black and some fields becoming paved roads and vice versa. Server maintenance must be performed to have these textures fixed
    Fixed bug that allowed you to stack unit formation bonuses that resulted in an imbalanced amount of positive effects
    Fixed camera bobbing in some cases, especially during melee combat
    Fixed some cases where you were unable to see the blocking/parrying animation of your enemy properly
    Numerous minor fixes

    Patch notes (ver. 22/05/15
    Implemented a proper (proper for LiF:YO scale) patching system. Client loading times should decrease significantly, and rely more now on internet connection speed
    Implemented an accurate naphtha explosion physics model. Multiple fragments can hit multiple body parts, depending on proximity to the epicenter of explosion and cover that might block shrapnel
    Shields should now properly absorb damage and crack faster under axe-like weapon blows
    Active blocking and parrying should properly slow the player now
    Pounce (jump on shield) can now be activated only if you are wielding 2-handed axes or polearms
    Implemented proper stamina consumption for shield bash, parry and blocking
    Shield bash can now be performed only with Shield Mastery lvl 60 and higher
    Shield bash now prevents character from moving, can not be performed while jumping
    Some minor fixes for the trebuchet interface and operation
    All crafting activities drop their results on the floor if your character is overburdened, instead of consuming resources and producing nothing
    Wild hares and domesticated rabbits now drop proper amounts of ingredients upon being slaughtered
    You can no longer heal already dead characters ;)
    Fixed a bug that occasionally removed some tree collisions
    Fixed the scale of some arrows and throwable projectiles
    Numerous other minor bugfixes

    Patch notes (ver. 30/04/15
    Implemented the first siege weapon - Trebuchet. Make sure you have at least 50 Intelligence in order to use it effectively ;) You can read more about its mechanics on our Wiki[]
    Implemented throwing weapons: knives, axes and javelins.
    Bugfix: Mallet now loses durability while being used for pavement
    Bugfix: All crafting devices are now properly damaged while using them
    Bugfix: Smelting steel without a crucible and tongs is no longer allowed
    Bugfix: Crafting of Metal Bands should no longer consume metal if you don’t have a blacksmith’s Hammer equipped
    Bugfix: “Melt” and “Recycle” buttons are only active when there is something to melt or recycle
    Bugfix: Wild animal skinning ingredients are no longer capped at 50 Quality
    Bugfix: All crafting results are now capped by a Real skill Value of a corresponding crafting skill
    Bugfix: Already completed objects no longer use their contents if completed again in GM mode

    Patch notes (ver. 20/04/15

    Increased server stability by fixing a couple of critical bugs
    Reworked different objects prices for sacrifice and some linen recipes
    Numerous gameplay related bugfixes

    Patch notes (ver. 10/04/15
    Fixed a major bug in the objects states subsystem. Tanning tubs and other objects should work smooth and correctly now. Don’t tell us otherwise, please!
    Added a bunch of new GM Mode commands
    Fixed a bug that had caused some player animations not to play properly or be interrupted
    You should no longer see render bugs on some animals (headless wolves, bear legs only etc.)
    Multiple craft related bugs fixed
    Multiple other minor bug fixes and minor correction of gameplay formulas

    Patch notes (seriously. ver. 01/04/15
    Implemented Improved Graphics Mode ©
    Fixed a bug with maintenance not occurring in certain conditions (trees and crops do not grow etc.)
    You can use kiln bellows without a Smelting skill now
    Traps and Snares are fixed and should work properly now and not decay too quick
    You can now select objects that lie in shallow water
    Alignment loss for same guild/group members should no longer occur
    Other minor bug fixes

    P.S. To turn off Improved Graphics Mode © press Alt + “-” on your keyboard.
    P.P.S. We have received numerous reports that tanning tubs are not working in certain cases - we are still unable to reproduce the bug locally with our QA team so would be glad for any additional info you can provide on the matter.

    Patch notes (ver. 26/03/15
    Implemented Judgment Hour gameplay feature. Do not forget to adjust its schedule on private servers and ask your server admins to do that on a dedicated ones
    Made a major particle system rework. In current and following patches you will notice more adequate particle effects in our game (fire, smoke, blood etc)
    You can now grind in our game :) ! Quern-stone is now working and should be used as a tool to grind wheat into flour. Windmill with advanced mass grinding mechanics will be implemented later
    Slightly shifted camera position in War Mode. We will provide a more user friendly camera behaviour in one of the next patches
    Optimized network code - effect will be hardly noticeable, unless you try to gather a crowd of players
    Added voice chat indicator. You can move it or close it while in Interface editing mode (F10)
    Added Shadow distance video setting. You might want to tune it down to reduce “morning lag” that is caused by long shadow render. Shadow mechanics will be fixed in one of the following patches
    Added a button in your settings that will reset all “Don't pop up those messages” flags on your client
    Fixed private claim of objects (timer) that worked improperly under some circumstances
    Fixed multiple issues that appeared after a player in GM mode entered and left camera mode. (Still GM Mode is not really safe for all in game interactions.) Use it only when you actually need to do something godly and then turn it off for your and your world safety!
    Fixed a server crash, when you are kicking an offline guild member from a guild
    Fixed some damaged state assets
    Fixed map dialogue buttons
    Multiple minor bug and crash fixes

    Patch notes (ver. 13/03/15
    Implemented a Repair Ability. Repair Kits of all sizes can now be crafted by anyone with Construction materials preparation skill.
    Optimized claims calculation code. There should be less freezes now during claims recalculation
    Added damaged models to different objects and buildings. Most of these models are not final!
    Significantly lowered base decay rate for all objects
    Fixed a serious bug that caused some objects to disappear in certain circumstances
    Fixed and optimized network code
    You can now Inspect objects to learn about their durability data
    You can no longer use trash items and soil for sacrificing. They will not provide sacrifice points
    Fixed multiple monuments and guild-related minor bugs
    Guild member limit now works properly
    GM mode camera speed is no longer the same for all GMs

    Patch notes (ver. 02/03/15
    Fixed tree logs being unable to be moved, after being chopped down
    Fixed issue that made some previously made objects disappear at night even with a decay setting set to 0
    Live trees and tunnels are now properly protected by guild claims
    Tweaked items sacrifice logic to work in a more sensible way
    Only leader of the guild can destroy objects on his/her guild claim
    Guild rename should work properly for all players
    Fixed physics bug that allowed your head to get stuck in low ceilings if you try too hard...
    Fixed occasional client crash that reproduced randomly
    Fixed claim supports points visualization in GUI   
    Added objectDecayRate tag to default world config
    Trespassing message can now be marked as unimportant (in system chat only)

    Patch notes (ver. 28/02/15
    Added guilds, guild claims and guild monuments management mechanics
    Added “Trespassers!” ability, which will allow you to spot trespassers on your guild claim, thus marking them as criminals
    Added a new server setting, which changes rate of object decay outside of claims (0 by default)
    Added an equippable torch as a source of light and an improvised weak weapon
    Fixed a nasty exploit, where you could pass thin walls and doors with certain conditions
    Fixed randomly occurring weird animation twists and bugs
    Fixed some client crashes
    Numerous client side bug fixes
    Updated flax stem-fibers conversion. Flax production should not be so tedious now.

    Patch notes (ver. 29/01/15

    Small pits that are dug on terrain surfaces will mend back into a smooth terrain after 1 in game day. That is our first step towards a proper decay system and countermeasure against griefers that have dug random pits inside your castle to prevent further building
    Implemented untrained weapon usage. If your weapon skill is lower than 30, your attacks will be 2 times slower and will inflict less damage because of that
    Fixed a notorious rendering bug, when paved roads and some crop fields were rendered in black in a certain circumstances
    Some bag recipes are fixed and should work properly now
    Fixed numerous minor bugs and provided some optimizations

    Patch notes (ver. 29/12/14
        Added dozen of emotional animations to help you to better express yourself. You can find those emote abilities in a Skill Book (L) in a General Actions skills tab. Just drag them on your hotbar and use according to your gameplay situation :)
        Wild animals should now renew their population each gameplay night
        New ability, ‘Create Jewelry’ has been added. You can now craft different pieces of jewelry. Currently there is no effect from wearing jewelry, but in some of the following patches we will implement a Luck bonus from jewelry that will affect almost all peaceful and combat actions that your character is performing
        New ability, ‘Create Decorations’ has been added. You can craft some animal trophies and paintings to decorate your medieval dwelling
        Chances of finding gems and mineral catalysts while digging tunnels has been increased
        Updated and corrected a few models to improve their beauty and correct some rendering bugs they had
        Fixed a lot of objects so they can be carried in a more appropriate way (instead of carrying a table on the top of your head)
        Fixed few more client side crashes

    Patch notes (ver. 16/12/2014
        Backpack, bag, sack, pouch containers can now be crafted by tailors and can be renamed (while inside of your inventory) to ease sorting of items.
        Fixed video settings dialogue and tweaked video settings to fix invisible trees and objects issues on some rare PC specs
        Added new fortification modules for stone walls
        Warehouses now have a proper doors that can be opened or closed
        Reworked some fortifications models to minimize /stuck exploit chances
        Made some rendering optimizations that should increase rendering performance slightly
        Provided some crash fixes on a client side
        Projectiles do not collide with water surface now and sink properly

    Patch notes (ver. (05/12/14)
        Made some major render optimizations. Overall FPS should be higher now, especially in a heavily populated worlds with a lot of objects on the screen.
        Reworked video settings menu. That should give you more tools to achieve an optimal balance of performance and quality
        Objects that you carry on your back will be dropped at your position if you will be knocked down, knocked out, dead, in water or disconnected
        Crossbows reload now properly root you in place
        Added few info messages in a taming process
        Fixed some client side crashes
        Some minor client side optimizations

    Patch notes (ver. 28/11/14

    not available

    Patch notes (ver. 26/11/14
    Implemented a bigger variety of wild animals. A friendly hint: do not try to scratch a wild bear with a primitive axe ;)
    Most of the wild animals can be tamed and domesticated for further breeding in your stables and barns
    Implemented wheeled transportation to move a larger amount of stuff around the world. Wheelbarrows and carts are now working!
    Tweaked a lot of weapons parameters. Weapons have become more lethal now
    Reworked most of the wild animals sounds
    Wild animals should no longer make double attack hits
    Sloped wall sections can now be constructed without GM mode
    Fixed some client side crashes
    Some minor client side optimizations
    P.S. Expect a major render optimization patch soon ;)

    Patch notes (ver. 18/11/14
    Several quickfixes (observer mode, loot drop and selection of objects)
    Reworked the context menu a bit and added ability sorting
    Some minor client side optimizations

    Patch notes (ver.
    Basic decay system is now in place! Gravestones, lootbags, dropped items, animal corpses will disappear in a few game days.We have warned you! Time to build some proper storage facilities and containers to store your stuff in!
    Made some render side optimizations that should increase your FPS in most gameplay situations. Some texture flickering on distant objects is possible and will be fixed in following patches.
    Tweaked some container sizes to be more useful
    Beautified and reworked some fortifications to disable the possibility of /stuck respawning on top of them. We are still working on a proper solution to avoid /stuck or respawn exploits.
    Lowered Pounce upforce. It can no longer be used to jump over fortifications.
    Equipped items will auto-unequip now if required skill has lowered below requirements.
    Forest midnight growth optimized. That should reduce or eliminate “midnight lag” on some or most of the servers.
    You can no longer kick or ban yourself while in GM mode
    Fixed cooking recipes to be available on lower Cooking levels. Fixed some cooking recipes to be more logical.
    Lamp post fire and light positions fixed
    Added some more debug info to hunt down more client side crashes
    Numerous client and server side crash fixes provided

    Patch notes ver.
    You can use Drop ability inside houses and inside tunnels now
    Fixed few errors that prevented local private servers from starting in some cases
    Unstuck positioning and algorithm is changed. It can no longer be used to bypass walls and fortifications
    Tweaked hunger system a little. Primitive food should no longer provide a good nutrition. Idling characters slowly lose hunger rate now.
    Default setting for objects claims timeout is now 48 hours
    Fixed crossbows reload bug
    Corpses and graves can no longer be used as storage - you can not place anything in them
    Fixed trees rotation, placement and scale algorithms. Same tree types, that were planted nearby, should not look like completely identical clones any more. There should be no giant trees or tree stumps any more
    Significantly lowered bleeding rates
    Tweaked and corrected UI in some places
    Reworked and tweaked some 2D and 3D art assets, added missing item icons
    A lot of inventory and ranged combat bugs fixes. There should be no floating “killer bolts” anymore
    Numerous other bug and crash fixes

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Re: LiF: patchnotes
« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2015, 05:52:40 AM »

just consolidating posts, here are the missing patch notes.

Patch notes (ver.

Fixed server crash when burning a certain type and amount of fuel in campfires/furnaces/ovens etc.
    Fixed Bullet physics module. Heavily modified words (with a lot of buildings, trees and tunnels) should not crash on loading now
    Fixed Fire/Extinguish GUI bug
    Fixed crafting result being always Quality=100 in special crafting buildings (Blacksmith’s Shop, Herbalists’s Shop etc.) Special crafting buildings now provide a proper +20% bonus to quality of resulting items
    Fixed some crashes while managing equipment and inventory with stackable items
    Trees stumps should no longer produce new trees in vicinity. Enabled weather affecting speed of trees growth (trees like “shower” weather ;) )
    Fixed few more rare server and client crashes

Patch notes (ver.

Added a proper functionality for servers browser (favorites, direct IP connect, etc.)
    Console can now be toggled with Ctrl+~. That should allow usage of special letters in some languages
    You can now use Tailoring to craft different outfits and clothes
    Fixed “infinimoose” bug, that allowed you to skin animal corpses after each server restart
    Fixed notorious client initialization crash with different 7.1 audio devices. Fixed some crashes that were related to the change of audio devices
    Added some more workarounds to fix an issue when a laptop discrete video card was not used for rendering. Removed misleading video adapter option from Video options. Do not forget to update your drivers!
    Added Z-axis animals attack check. Animals should no longer be able to hit you if you’re above them (on a wall, watchtower etc)
    Fixed a bug, when someone entering observe or construction mode would interrupt everyone’s actions in the vicinity
    Fixed some exploits that allowed you to spam certain abilities without cooldowns, which resulted in a faster skills/stats progression
    Some server and client side crashes and leaks fixed
    Tweaked interface and freelook sequences
    Most of game settings should now be properly saved instantly and client crash should not reset them
    Tweaked Coop animals breeding rates, so they can actually breed before they die
    Tweaked overpowered pitchforks to be less overpowered :)

Patch notes (ver.

Fixed some server side memory leaks. This should increase server uptime significantly
Added a few workarounds to fix an issue when a laptop discrete video card was not used for rendering. Do not forget to update your drivers!
Fixed an equipment bug that occurred after a server crash where equipment weight remained with no tools equipped
Recently discovered alchemy combinations are saved instantly now, so a server crash should not cause a rollback of discovered recipes
Removed the ability to place movable objects high in the air. That should prevent some griefing and flying looms too :)
Fixed the private world DB being corrupted by Steam Cache Restore. Private worlds should not be broken now suddenly. Though your security/antivirus software can still corrupt our files and there is nothing we can do about that :(
Assaulters should not be flagged as criminals and lose alignment if they are in the same group with a victim
Fixed a Steel Lumps dupe due to an incorrect crafting recipe
Harvesting and Skinning should be significantly faster now. Type of tool used in these abilities now affects the duration of abilities
Fixed a harvesting bug that would allow players to terraform a newly harvested field in order to refresh it and harvest once more duping fully grown crops
Fixed missing Paved Road texture
Fixed flax rotting in a tanning tub
Fixed inventory weight not always being displayed
Fixed DEFINER in patch.sql that had failed to work on some hosting providers that were using separate DB users for LiF:YO server instances. Everything should work correctly now even if you do not provide main “root” user access.
Modify message
Report to moderator    Issue a warning because of this message (?)

Patch notes (ver.

Fully implemented GM mode
You can observe players in your world via Esc -> Players menu. GMs can kick and ban players via that menu
Fixed Drying rack. For real. If it is still not working one of our team members will be fed to Boris
Fixed a bug where you could start yielding even when in a knockdown or dead state. No more zombies! Realistic medieval FTW! :)
Dung is now properly consumed from your inventory while using it as a fertilizer
Reworked all herbalism ingredients to be easier to spot in your inventory
Added a few missing items and objects icons
Fixed/added Light Scale gauntlets/greaves crafting recipes
Fixed a few server and client side crashes
Added some more debug info to locate most notorious server and client crashes

Patch notes (ver.

    Fixed some rare client connection crashes while joining a server with exotic tunnel combinations
    Added additional debug info for client crashes to locate them faster
    Fixed some of the more frequent client crashes. There are still a good amount left, but we’ll get them sooner or later

    Fixed item dupe bug. Reporter received 1 LiF:YO CD key as a token of gratitude
    Fixed some serious server crashes
    Skillcap setting should properly work now. You should be able to set skillcap up to 3000
    In game text chat should properly separate chat lines when non-standard characters are used (Cyrillic for instance)
    Fixed and added some more system chat messages to ease understanding of what the game wants from you
    Bone glue should be now accessible as a recipe at 0 level of Procuration skill
    Skinning of wild animals should now drop Thin and Thick hides
    Fixed tanning tub and drying rack objects. The entire leather production chain should be working now
    Campfires, forges and other devices that burn fuel shpuld work properly now
    Server browser should work faster now, but there are some issues left in it
    Buildings are now claimed for 24 real life hours instead of 12
    Minor fixes to units and formation bonus effects
    EULA checkbox and button were tweaked to be properly visible :)
    There should be less or no achievements spam or false achievements triggering
    Tracking abilities are named properly now
    Added missing legs parts in rag clothes
    We have created a ping response protocol, that can be useful for hosting providers to detect if game server is up or down to auto restart it. More info is in readme.txt of dedicated server

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Re: LiF: changelog
« Reply #2 on: June 02, 2018, 03:39:46 PM »

Patch notes (ver. 08/04/16
Implemented guild Heraldry. Guild leaders can now design their own heraldry symbols via the Guild monument menu. Tabards can now be crafted via Tailoring skill. Tabards and shields are painted automatically with the heraldry of player wielding them
Added triplanar texturing for terrain. You should notice some terrain texture quality increases. We’re still working on the quality of terrain textures
Added more animations for some crafting abilities
Added a glow in the health and stamina bars when they change their values
Completely reworked Crafting and Combat skill trees. We’ve changed them to be more adequate in terms of logical progression
Pikes and lances have had their firing timer increased. This means that it will be easier to hit with these weapons now, since their active state (couched, when it can deal damage) will last longer
It is easier to hit with a warcry now, since it affects the target closest to your crosshair in a small sector
Pikes should now properly stop horses if hit
Fixed parrying view vector calculations. You should parry more effectively now if you’re facing the direction of a blow
Shields now absorb all damage if you’re in an active block and facing your opponent
Fixed some rampant client crashes
Fixed a bug, which caused some trees and objects to become invisible on the client side
Finally fixed the blinking sky visual bug on all video cards
Created a proper warning when trying to launch the client on a DirectX 11 incompatible video card
Optimized the trees collision model. It should demand less calculations both on server and client side
All mouse buttons can now be bound properly
Fixed a couple of rendering bugs
Fixed antialiasing settings in video settings menu
Fixed a video memory leak

Patch notes (ver. 18/04/16
Implemented fully automatic skill conversion from the older skill tree to the new one. You can load your old worlds in the beta branch now and your character skills will be converted
Added some missing inventory item icons
Added scrollbar to the Skill book
Adjusted some sound event occurrences and added some new sounds
Adjusted starting skills in the character creation dialogue
Fixed a ground substance dupe exploit via herbalism abilities
Fixed inadequate durability damage while parrying with some weapons
Fixed a terrain texture glitch that appeared in some cases

Patch notes (ver. 27/04/16
Implemented an ability, which allows you to sit on chairs, benches, thrones and other ‘sittable’ objects
Added some more sounds for different actions
Fixed server crashes, which were caused by animal traps, gatehouse doors and death in water
Fixed brewing exceptional chance calculation formula
Fixed a bug, which manipulated the quality of items from Coops and other harvestable/cleanable items

Patch notes (ver. 29/04/16
Beta patches,, and [see relevant Version histories below for patch notes]
Updated Steam achievements to match new skill tree
Lowered damage for some OP weapons and tools
Updated some textures

Patch notes (ver. 06/05/16
Fixed major amount of client side crashes

Patch notes (ver. 18/05/16
Fixed few rare client crash fixes

Patch notes (ver. 18/05/16
Fixed character selection error

Patch notes (ver. 22/07/16
Implemented a physics model approximation for movable objects. You can no longer hang them in the air or place inside other objects or walls. Objects without collisions (decorations mostly) do not follow these rules and still can be hung in the air. Objects in destroyed buildings will still hang in the air. We will properly make fall/destruction of such objects in a next patch
Implemented new rolling wind feature (

) along with multiple groundcover (grass, rocks and crops) optimization
Every building now has siege damage resistance, depending on its type. Fortifications, for example, have higher resistance than civilian buildings
Added new objects: Wooden wall square, Wooden wall defences, Wooden wall 45degL, Wooden wall 45degr, Walls with loopholes
Added GM Robe (ID=1379)
Decreased all abilities progress multipliers (20/30/45/60 percent for 1/2/3/4 tier skills). Demolition skill rises faster now
Updated prices and weights of different objects
Clay has a lower height difference coefficient now. You will not be able to terraform steep terrain walls with clay no more
Tweaked repair kit prices and repair kits prices during repair process. Repair kit quality now affects repair process speed
Updated wheelbarrows and carts movement speeds accordingly
Reworked and optimized particles system for better quality and performance
Herbal garden harvest decreased(40->10). Herbal garden progress no longer resets after server restart
Beehives no longer collect honey from loosened soils (which have no grass or flowers)
Updated old objects: Wooden barbacan, Wooden gate, Wooden wall
Reworked terrain textures (more details and better quality)
Fixed antidote mechanics. It now properly removes poisons and provides poison immunity depending on poison and antidote magnitudes. Maximum poison duration is now 10 seconds
Fixed bug with incorrect poison magnitude calculation while stacking them in inventory
Poled melee weapons now properly track shaft and blade hitting nodes simultaneously
Fixed melee weapons passing and damaging through walls
Fixed a bug, which allowed a player to change guild’s heraldry multiple times while in game
When leader of a guild changes, roles are set properly now both for new leader and old one
Fixed sudden death while jumping on a gatehouse
Piercing bolt and stopping power crossbow abilities can no longer be applied on the same bolt
Working tanning tubs and drying racks can now react properly on abilities
Abilities can now be interrupted by a successful shield bash
Fixed arrows getting stuck in the water
Fixed a couple of bugs, where tools would not lose their durability
Soil and other terrain substances can now be properly dropped outside of inventory, ignoring other windows on HUD
Fixed a server crash while blessing other player that disconnects during the process
Ctrl + H no longer resets font size settings in GUIs
God’s mercy blessing will not be removed when logging back in after a disconnect
Optimized video memory usage
Fixed crash during client disconnect

Fixed moveable objects self blocking problem, where you could insert one object into another, which resulted in both objects becoming blocked from movement.

Patch notes (ver. 29/07/16
Fixed terraforming related tunneling dupe
Fixed substance dupe when using fertilizer
Fixed rendering of particles when the particles’ source is moving
Fixed some objects that were impossible to place/drop if they were damaged
Server should no longer crash when trying to destroy your own building on your guild’s claim
You can rotate the trebuchet properly now
Fixed damaged sapper charge to now blow up with enormous power
You can upgrade all guild monuments properly now

Be sure to know the RULES before posting or playing on any of our servers. We have no tolerance for toxic/disrespectful people. You have been warned.

Grab Downloads (sfv, tools, ...) / Read Tutorials / Post Screenshots

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