The following rules applies for forums and all our servers.
Please read them carefully.

Ignoring the existence of theses rules is not an excuse.

- Use english only. Use latin letters only.
- Post your messages in proper forum/sub forum.
- Use descriptive topic name. "Help", "???", etc. are not acceptable and your topic will most likely be ignored or trashed.
- Do not use inappropriate or offensive nickname.
- Do not say anything inappropriate, insult. Insulting staff member will get you a ban.
- Do no post any inappropriate contents (porn, racism, etc.).
- Do not abuse CAPS and big character size.
- Do not talk about religion, politic. There are better places to talk about theses things. We are community about gaming
- Respect everyone.

- Do not multi post. Use edit function on your last message.
- You can up/bump your own thread every 24 hours.

- Do not request any update. Updates will be posted when they will. You can post changelog in the proper thread if you want to remind us.
- Use search function before posting.

- Do not use VPN or Proxy. If you can't connect to one of our server, we won't do anything to help you
- Do not PM any staff member to get personal help, unless you have been asked to. Use the appropriate support forum so everyone can get the benefit of the answer.

- Staff is right, ALWAYS (well, not always always, but still... you get my point!).

Punishments will be applied at the discretion of staff member, including: warnings, tempban, perma ban, and whatever else we will find appropriate.

By using our forum or website, playing on our servers, you accept all theses rules. If not, please quite immediately