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« on: February 14, 2016, 07:42:07 AM »

In case you didnt noticed, i've added a donation system
I will paste here what is written under the donation box:


As you know, hosting servers has a cost.
Here are some reasons why you might consider making a small donation:
- Help covering actual servers cost: including rented dedicated servers, own personal servers, electricity bill, web hosting. It is starting to be quite a big amount for myself, considering the number of servers I am actually running.
- Get new servers: Once monthly servers cost will be reached, remaining money will be used to upgrade existing servers, or even get new ones.
- Buy new games (an support all already bought games) to share and play all together.
- Show your support for all my free time and energy given to make this all possible, and maintaining all servers.

If everyone just give 1 euro, servers cost would be paid for years !
Any amount would help !

You can also get an automated forum subscription from your profile

Please note, donations are not eligible to any refund

Thanks for your help, and have fun on our servers !

PS: You will be automatically put in the donator group, for any donation.
You can also request the donator award

And here are some questions/answers you might be interested to know:

Will I have special treatment if i donate ? - no. You should donate to help me, not to get some advantages. But you will have access to some functions (shoutbox, forum direct
chat, priority support, server support, etc.) depending of your donation amount.

What are you going to do with my money ? - Pay the servers.

Will you stop paying servers if I don't donate ? - no. I'll pay the servers until i won't be able to.

So why are you asking donation if you don't need to ? - It would ensure the servers will be paid if someday I can't. Of course some help already would be nice.

Maybe you are going to get alcohol or drugs with my money ? - I would already have taken that way with the thousands of euros already spent on servers.

Why donate ? I can just buy the games ! - For sure, but you can play here lot of differents games, which represents hundreds of euros.

Why I would donate, when i'm here to play for free ? - You can play for free because I am spending the money (servers, games) and the time for it. As I said, if everyone just donate 1 euro, everything would be paid for years.

Are your not already rich, to be able to host all theses servers ? - No, I am investing my own money because I want to, and because I like being able to make people who can't afford games to play for free. I am aware that some people are not able to pay for all theses games. I am also aware that some people don't buy the game because they don't want, but they have the money for it.

So in the end, it doesnt matter if I donate or not ? - It does matter. It is a community. If you have spent some good time playing any game we offer, you should really consider donating even 1 euro. If would show that somehow, you appreciate what i'm doing for free.

I can't use paypal, what are the other options ? - Unfortunately, for now, there isn't. You can also donate games from my steam wishlist

Do you like asking questions, and answer yourself ? - Yeah, its funny, isn't it ? :p

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