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Kortal's Area - Servers Status
last update: 2017-03-26 00:38:42 (GMT+1)

7 Days to Die (Alpha 15.2) Online19/28(4) Random genKortal's Area
ARK: Survival Evolved (v254.71) Online11/70TheIslandKortal's Area - |
Hurtworld (v0.3.8.3) Online8/60DiemensLandKortals Area |
Life is Feudal: Your Own (v1.2.64.7) Online54/64DefaultKortal's Area -
Reign of Kings (v1.0.16-R13) Online4/40crownlandKortal's Area |
Rust Experimental (v1976 - Devblog 153) Online41/150 3254165/5000Kortal's Area |EU|English Only|TP|Map|/help|
Blackwake (v0.1.15e-20170304) - Leaderboard Online21/54Open Water|0.2.2|a Kortal's Area -
Conan Exiles (#23580/9921) Online3/40The Exiled LandsKortal's Area - - Wiped 02/03
ECO Global Survival Game (Alpha 0.5.4) Online1/241kmĀ²Kortal's Area - Save the world, Join us now !
Empyrion - Galactic Survival (Alpha 5.5.1) Online3/12232323/SurvivalKortal's Area -
Kerbal Space Program (v1.2.1.1604 - DMP Custom for 1.2.1.x) Online /30SandboxKortal's Area -

RIP: Alien Rage: Unlimited, Contagion, Don't Starve Together, Depth, GRAV, H2o - Hide And Hold Out, Homefront, Insurgency, Killing Floor 2, Natural Selection 2, Primal Carnage: Extinction, Project Zomboid, Rising World, Space Engineers, Starbound, Stellar Overload (Planets3), The Isle, The Stomping Land, Windward.